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How do you get Lavaloon in clash of clans?

How do you get Lavaloon in clash of clans?

Use a Rage Spells and Haste Spells near the center of the base or near key structures such as Inferno Tower or Eagle Artillery. Use a Freeze Spell on the center on the Inferno Tower, Air Defense, Eagle Artillery, X-Bow, or any other core defenses when your troops are going into the center.

Is Lavaloon still good?

Lava Loon Is still so STRONG! Today I have Storm❤️Lava on the channel who has zero trophies because he only ever plays in challenges! This is a perfect deck to learn and master because lava loon has stood the test of time just like 2.6 hog or 2.9 x-bow.

Are Lavaloon decks good?

Lavaloon is a strong deck and it has been prevalent in different metas for a long time. Your main aim is to build up a push behind your hound and overwhelm the opponent. Against golem decks you should apply pressure with the balloon and minions as soon as the opponent plays their tank in the back.

How do you defend with Lavaloon?

Best tips to DEFEND against… LAVALOON?

  1. attack the other lane but don’t overcommit, just don’t let them create a monster push.
  2. if you play golem or giant you can attack the same lane (?)
  3. let the hound get near to tower first, then place your buildings and troops for the incoming Balloon/troops.

How Do You Do queen charge LavaLoon?

How to use the Queen Charge LavaLoon attack strategy in Clash of Clans. Clear outside buildings using Queen Walk, then place a Rage Spell on the Archer Queen as she approaches the defenders, allowing her to take maximum defenses.

How Do You Do queen charge lava loon?

Once the barbarian king is far enough from the queen, deploy the healers. Lure cc with the hog rider an use the rage spells to take care of cc troops and enemy queen. Use jump spell or wall breakers to get the queen into the core of the base and destroy at least 2 air defenses.