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How do you get placed in HCL?

How do you get placed in HCL?

HCL Recruitment Process

  1. Written/Aptitude Assessment Round.
  2. Group Discussion.
  3. Technical Interview Round.
  4. HR Round.

What is HCL recruitment process?

HCL recruitment aptitude test pattern

Name of the section No of Questions Duration
Quantitative Aptitude 15 60 mins
Reasoning 15
Verbal Ability 15
Technical Ability 15

How long does IT take for HCL offer letter?

Generally release of offer letter from the company doesn’t take much time. It takes 1–2 weeks and also depending upon the mode of interview. Third Party Referral- if you are attending the interview through third party vendor then the offer letter will come within 15days.

Is HCL technical interview tough?

The interview is straightforward and the interviewers are friendly. They start with the technical questions as soon as the basic pleasantries are exchanged, without wasting time with personal questions (that’s the general experience, your experience might be different).

Does HCL do background check?

If required, we may conduct background checks prior to you commencing employment with us. In order to do so, HCL may have a requirement to share your personal data with the relevant third parties. These checks will be performed by our Processors who conduct background screening on our behalf.

Which is best HCL or Wipro?

Company Rating Wipro Tech has received 3.2 stars out of 5 whereas HCL Tech has 3.1 stars. The salary and remuneration rating for Wipro is 3.0 whereas HCL is 2.9, company culture for Wipro is 3.3 and 3.2 for HCL, work-life balance for Wipro is 3.2 and HCL is 3.4, and career growth obtains 3.3 for Wipro and 3.0 for HCL.

Does HCL increase salary?

Noida-based IT company HCL Technologies has hiked the salary package of freshers from the previous Rs 3.5 lakh per year to Rs 4.25 lakh per year.

Is BGV done after offer letter?

Is BGV done after joining? The background verification process should be ideally done after offering the letter and before the onboarding.

How is your professional career at HCL?

Every day is different! My professional career spans to more than two decades out of which 13 years have been at HCL managing and leading various HR verticals like Talent Development, Diversity, Employee Experience and Engagement.

What is the company culture at HCL Technologies?

The culture at HCL Technologies – ideapreneurship™ as we call it – places employees at the forefront of innovation and value creation. It is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the employees. It is our employees who make HCL an engine of growth and innovation.

Why choose a career in manufacturing engineering at HCL?

HCL offers you a career as a Manufacturing Engineer. With HCL you will use your manufacturing and industrial engineering skills, be it in Medical devices, Hitech, Industrial, Aero, or the Automobile industry. You will learn and work on new-age technologies as we enable our client across industries in their digital transformation.

Why choose HCl for process transformation?

HCL has been a trusted partner to industry’s leading organizations, driving underlying process transformation. HCL brings vast experience in process design, simplification and harmonization, digitization and automation, and agile transition as well as transformation.