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How do you get rid of extra spaces in Excel?

How do you get rid of extra spaces in Excel?

Trim Spaces for Excel – remove extra spaces in a click

  1. Select the cell(s) where you want to delete spaces.
  2. Click the Trim Spaces button on the ribbon.
  3. Choose one or all of the following options: Trim leading and trailing spaces. Trim extra spaces between words, except for a single space.
  4. Click Trim.

How do I remove spaces from a cell in Excel?

Whenever you want to remove blank spaces in your Excel sheets, perform these 4 quick steps:

  1. Select the cells (range, entire column or row) where you want to delete extra spaces.
  2. Click the Trim Spaces button on the Ablebits Data tab.
  3. Choose one or several options: Remove leading and trailing spaces.
  4. Click the Trim button.

How do I remove extra spaces in Excel formula?

Using the Trim Formula Start by adding the Helper column to the end of your data, and name it “Trim.” In the first cell of the Helper column, enter the Excel formula to remove spaces =TRIM (A2).

Does trim get rid of spaces?

TRIM function – remove extra spaces in Excel You use the TRIM function in Excel removes extra spaces from text. It deletes all leading, trailing and in-between spaces except for a single space character between words.

How do you trim an Excel file?

Click in the first cell of the Trim column. On the Formulas tab, click the Text dropdown menu in the Functions group and select TRIM. After the dialog box appears, click on the cell that contains the text you would like to remove spaces from to complete the function. Click OK.

How do I remove double spacing in Excel?

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Select the cells from which you want to remove double spaces.
  2. Go to Home –> Find & Select –> Replace. (You can also use the keyboard shortcut – Control + H).
  3. In the Find and Replace dialogue box, enter: Find what: Double Space. Replace with: Single Space.
  4. Click on Replace All.

How do I remove spaces between cells in Excel?

Remove all spaces between numbers

  1. Press Ctrl + Space to select all cells in a column.
  2. Press Ctrl + H to open the “Find & Replace” dialog box.
  3. Press Space bar in the Find What field and make sure the “Replace with” field is empty.
  4. Click on the “Replace all” button, and then press Ok. Voila! All spaces are removed.

How to remove excess spaces in Excel?

– Remove leading spaces – Remove trailing spaces – Remove leading and trailing spaces – Remove all excess spaces – Remove all spaces

What is the formula for removing spaces in Excel?

A regular TRIM formula is as simple as this: =TRIM (A2) Where A2 is the cell you want to delete spaces from. As shown in the following screenshot, the Excel TRIM formula successfully eliminated all spaces before and after the text as well as consecutive spaces in the middle of a string.

How do you get rid of leading space in Excel?

Yes,you could argue that why don’t we replace the space with nothing.

  • In order to deal with these unwanted spaces problems,we have a built-in function called TRIM in Excel,which can remove all the unwanted spaces in excel cell.
  • The syntax is very simple.
  • This trim function removed the spaces between “Capital” and “is.”
  • What is the formula for trim in Excel?

    The trim function deletes spaces between words except for a single space.

  • If the strings contain unwanted spaces,it will be difficult to understand.
  • Unwanted spaces in the data will stop you from producing proper results while applying the formula.
  • For integers or number type data,the space prior to or tailing will affect on the data manufacturing.