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How do you link two clips in Final Cut Pro?

How do you link two clips in Final Cut Pro?

In Final Cut Pro, you can attach clips to other clips in the timeline….Connect clips in the timeline

  1. Choose Edit > Connect to Primary Storyline (or press Q).
  2. Click the Connect button in the top-left corner of the timeline.
  3. Drag the clips to the gray area above or below the primary storyline.

How do I shorten multiple clips in Final Cut Pro?

Choose Trim > Extend Edit (or press Shift-X). The edit point is extended (or shortened) to the playhead or skimmer position. In the example above, if you selected the end point of the clip, subsequent clips in the timeline are rippled accordingly.

How do you stack clips in Final Cut?

FCPX has a “magnetic” timeline (they call it a “storyline”), but it is very flexible. All you have to do to stack clips is click and drag them up and over another clip and it will become a “connected” clip. There’s even a little (tiny) marker to show where it is connected.

How do I split screen multiple videos at the same time?

Part 1: How to Make a Split Screen Video with Split-Screen Effects

  1. 1 Import the media files.
  2. 2 Choose a split screen preset.
  3. 3 Add videos to the preset.
  4. 4 Edit Audio [Optional]
  5. 5 Save the split screen video.

What is a magnetic timeline?

The timeline “magnetically” adjusts clips to fit around clips that you drag into place. If you drag clips out of place, the surrounding clips close up to fill the space. A project holds all of the information for your final movie, including your editing decisions and links to all the source clips and events.

What is ripple trim?

The default type of trim in Final Cut Pro is a ripple edit, which adjusts a clip’s start point or end point without leaving a gap in the timeline. The change in the clip’s duration ripples outward, moving all subsequent clips earlier or later in the timeline.

What is a compound clip in FCPX?

With Final Cut Pro, you can create compound clips, which allow you to group any combination of clips in the timeline or the browser and nest clips within other clips. Compound clips can contain video and audio clip components, clips, and other compound clips.