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How do you play Slardar?

How do you play Slardar?


  1. You can cast Guardian Sprint while TPing and it won’t cancel the channel.
  2. Slithereen Crush and Bash procs deal physical damage, making them work very well with Corrosive Haze’s armor reduction.
  3. Cancel Crush’s animation.
  4. Increase your Bash attack counter on jungle or lane creeps.

How do you counter Slardar?

Shiva’s Guard provides armor which helps against Slardar, while the passive attack slow also prevents him from attacking as often. Monkey King Bar or both. The same applies for his allies that want to take advantage of the armor reduction.

Is Slardar a carry?

Gameplay. Slardar is a physical damage-based carry and initiator who specializes in chasing down and crushing his foes. While he is very straightforward and easy to learn, mastering his abilities can allow players to unlock his true potential.

What is a Slithereen?

The Slithereen are an underwater race. Some members of the Slithereen race make up part of the Deep Ones. They are similar to the Naga.

Who is Slardar good against Dota 2?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Troll Warlord 2.77% 46.66%
Medusa 2.72% 46.95%
Beastmaster 2.71% 47.43%
Luna 2.69% 48.01%

Is juggernaut a carry?

Juggernaut is one of the most popular carry heroes in Dota 2. It is not very surprising. This hero is very versatile and basically, has no downsides. He is very strong in the lane and can be very useful in all phases of the game.

Can nullifier counter BKB?

Since BKB can dispel nullifier now it is much more of an anti pos 3-5 item than the carry killer it was before….Nullifier 7.25 interactions.

BKB Dispels Nullifier, can’t cast Nullifier on BKBd unit
Lotus Orb Dispels Nullifier, doesn’t get dispelled by Nullifier

What does SLARDAR do in Dota 2?

Slardar smashes the ground with a Slithereen Crush, dazing nearby enemies just long enough to pulverize them with Bash of the Deep . In DotA, Corrosive Haze was auto-castable. With the 7.00 gameplay update, three of Slardar’s abilities have been renamed: Sprint to Guardian Sprint, Bash to Bash of the Deep, and Amplify Damage to Corrosive Haze.

What is the best item in SLARDAR?

Armlet of Mordiggian is one of the most core item on Slardar thanks to the active. Unholy Strength will give you an extra boost of STR which provides you with damage and hit points.

Is SLARDAR a good character in Wow?

Slardar is a very potent fighter, able to directly engage and defeat most enemies in head-on engagements, especially once he has farmed up the items he needs. Slardar must be given farm priority so that he can buy the items necessary to engage the enemy.

Is SLARDAR good in 1 on 1?

Slardar has a great advantage in 1-on-1’s, but that dominance diminishes if you’re up against 2 or more heroes. Remember, Slardar is a melee hero, he can at max fight one at a time while mildly damaging others with cleave damage or anything similar of the sort, but that’s not his style.