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How do you remember the days of the week in Spanish?

How do you remember the days of the week in Spanish?

Spanish Days of the Week

  1. Monday – lunes. “Monday” in Spanish is lunes, which comes from the word luna for “moon”.
  2. Tuesday – martes. Many of the days of the week come from the names of gods of mythology.
  3. Wednesday – miércoles.
  4. Thursday – jueves.
  5. Friday – viernes.
  6. Saturday – sábado.
  7. Sunday – domingo.

What is the word song in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. canciones. More Spanish words for song. la canción noun. singing, chanson, lyric, dirge.

What do hoy es mean?

In Spanish, hoy es (pronounced: oy ehs) literally means ‘today is.

How do you spell Miercoles?


  1. myehr. – koh. – lehs.
  2. mjeɾ – ko. – les.
  3. miér. – co. – les.

Why is Thursday called jueves?

The King of the Gods was often called “Jove” (we still remember this in English: sometimes people euphemistically say, “By Jove!”) — hence, Jueves. And the Germanic equivalent of the same God is Thor — and Thursday is literally, “Thor’s Day”!

Why do you say el lunes?

Monday in Spanish is El lunes. It is pronounced as “loo-neys”. The name comes from the word La luna which means moon. El Lunes is Monday & los lunes is the plural form Mondays.

How do you say days of week in Spanish?

vees-peh-rah. Days of the week are all masculine in gender and they are not capitalized in writing. The definite article is not used after the verb ser, but at all other times it is required and there is slight change in meaning if it is singular or plural: el lunes = on Monday but los lunes = on Mondays. ← Numbers.

What is your favorite day of the week in Spanish?

Day – El día

  • Date – La fecha
  • Month – El mes
  • Year – El año
  • Weekend – El fin de semana
  • Now – Ahora
  • Next – La próxima
  • Last – Pasado
  • Soon – Pronto
  • Early – Temprano
  • How to say once a week in Spanish?

    once a week = una vez…? Anna does yoga once a week, on Saturdays. – English Only forum once a week [with progressive form?] – English Only forum with hot pokers and starch attending to it once a week! – English Only forum Visit the Spanish-English Forum.

    How do you spell days of the week in Spanish?

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