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How do you say the numbers in Maltese?

How do you say the numbers in Maltese?

Maltese digits from zero to nine are rendered by specific words, namely żero [0], wieħed/waħda (m/f) [1], tnejn [2], tlieta [3], erbgħa [4], ħamsa [5], sitta [6], sebgħa [7], tmienja [8], and disgħa [9].

What is your name in Maltese?

Speak Like a Local: Some Handy Maltese Phrases

Maltese Phrase Phonetic Pronunciation English Meaning
X’jismek? Shee-yis-mek What is your name?
Jisimni… Yis-im-nee My name is…
Għandi pjaċir Aan-dee pya-cheer Nice to meet you
Jekk jogħġbok Yek yoh-jbok Please

How many letters are in the Maltese alphabet?

It is used to write the Maltese language, which evolved from the otherwise extinct Siculo-Arabic dialect, as a result of 800 years independent development. It contains 30 letters: 24 consonants and 6 vowels (a, e, i, o, u, ie).

How do you say 21 in Maltese?

How to count in Maltese (Malti), a Central Semitic language spoken in Malta and Gozo….Numbers in Maltese (numri)

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
20 għoxrin l-għoxrin
21 wieħed u għoxrin
22 tnejn u għoxrin
23 tlieta u għoxrin

What does Mela mean in Maltese?

At #1 we have Malta’s favourite word: “Mela!” You will hear this one as soon as you encounter any Maltese person speaking. And it will be the word you’ll hear most throughout your stay. This word has a range of meanings: “Of course!”, “Okay!”, “Alright!”, “Certainly!”, “So”, “Then” or even the filler “Umm”.

How do you say h in Maltese?

Maltese pronunciation h at the end of a word is pronounced like ħ.

What does Madonna mean in Maltese?

Madonna. Another versatile, if a little blasphemous, phrase. This one can be used for when you’re scared, happy, sad or even angry.

How do you say goodbye in Maltese?

Meaning of goodbye in Maltese language is: addiju.

How many hours does it take to learn Maltese?

After just 3 hours of learning you will be able to engage in simple conversations, and after 50 hours of learning time you will have reached fluency in Maltese.

What are the numbers in Maltese (Numri)?

Numbers in Maltese (numri) Numeral Cardinal Ordinal 0 xejn; ero 1 wieħed (m) waħda (f) l-ewwel 2 tnejn it-tieni 3 tlieta it-tielet

The Maltese alphabet consists of 30 letters. NOTE: The examples given in this guide follow the pronunciation in British English, which might be different than American English. mostly silent, except at the end of a word or immediately before ‘h’, in which case, it sounds like ‘ħ’

What are Maltese cardinal and ordinal numbers?

This time we will learn about cardinal and ordinal numbers, followed by grammar rules, then animal names, finally a conversation in Maltese to help you practice your daily phrases. Maltese cardinal numbers refer to the counting numbers, because they show quantity. For example: I speak two languages.

How do you Say Hello in Maltese?

All of the common signs in Malta (such as Open and Close) are written either in English, or using international symbols, so travellers should not have a problem. Hello. Ħellow. ( HEL-low) Hello. ( Good morning ) Bonġu. ( BON-ju) or L-Għodwa t-Tajba ( Lodwa t-tayba) How are you? Kif inti? ( kiyf int-EE?) Fine, thank you. Tajjeb. Grazzi.