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How do you use qui and que?

How do you use qui and que?

As a private French tutor, I noticed that many French students are confused with the difference between qui and que

  1. Grammatical difference between qui and que.
  2. Qui is a subject pronoun, it replaces the subject of the sentence.
  3. Que is a direct object pronoun, it replaces the object of the sentence.

How do you use qui que and dont?

Just like qui and que, the relative pronoun dont is used to link two sentences that have a noun in common and to avoid repetition. It works a bit like que except it is used when verbs have the preposition de.

How do you use OU in French?

Où in French = When “Où” in French can also be used to mean “when”, “that”, or “in which”. Le jour où la nation du feu a attaqué. The day when/that the fire nation attacked. C’est l’année où j’ai déménagé.

What does Auquel mean?

relative adjective, relative pronoun. which [relative adjective, relative pronoun] used, after a comma, to introduce a further comment on something.

What is the difference between Quel and Lequel?

Lequel, “which one,” is the third interrogative pronoun and the pronominal equivalent of the interrogative adjective quel, meaning that quel + noun can be replaced by lequel. And like quel, lequel has different forms depending on the gender and number of the noun it replaces.

How do you use Qu est-ce que?

You can also use “Qu’est-ce que…” with other sentences, such as: Qu’est-ce que tu fais ce soir? (= What are you doing tonight?) In spoken French, you can use : Tu fais quoi ce soir? (= What are you doing tonight?) To go the extra mile, you can also use the same expression with Qui (= “Who?”).

How do you use Qu est ce que?

How do you use Lesquelles in French?

Lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles (“which” or “whom”) are used as the object of a preposition referring primarily to things. The form of lequel must agree with the antecedent. Select the proper form of lequel after consulting Table 1, for example, Voilà la piscine dans laquelle je nage.