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How long is Heart Rock hike?

How long is Heart Rock hike?

Welcome, ! Enjoy this 1.3-mile loop trail near Crestline, California. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 40 min to complete.

Do you need an Adventure Pass for Heart Rock?

No permit is required to hike to Heart Rock, and it is free to park at the trailhead (a National Forest Adventure Pass is no longer required). Dogs are welcome, so get out and enjoy! To get to the trailhead: From the 210 Freeway in San Bernardino, take exit 76 for Waterman Avenue (Highway 18).

Is the Heart Rock man made?

A heart that seems like a man-made shape was created here by the chaos and randomness of mother nature right next to a waterfall. Heart Rock Falls which is more formally known as Seely Creek Falls is located at the end of a 1-mile roundtrip hike.

How do you hike Heart Rock?

This short trail begins on Forest Service Road 2N03 – 1/4 mile south of the entrance to Camp Seeley on Highway 138. You must cross the creek. This easy hike follows Seeley Creek to an overlook called “Heart Rock” which marks the trail’s end.

Where is Heart Rock in Joshua Tree National Park?

Heart Rock is a unique rock formation shaped like a heart which is located close to the Arch Rock trail in Joshua Tree National Park. The rock itself is around 10 feet tall and rises above a boulder field close to the famous Arch Rock deep in the Joshua Tree desert.

Does National Parks Pass cover Adventure Pass?

The Adventure Pass is not a national pass like the America the Beautiful Interagency Passes. It is a local regional pass, required only on the four forests listed above. America the Beautiful Interagency Passes are also accepted at all locations where the Adventure Pass is required.

Where is the heart shaped rock located?

How long is the hike to Heart rock in Joshua Tree?

Heart Rock is located to the northeast of Arch Rock up the hill on top of a level section of rock. The detour from the Arch Rock trail is around 15 minutes round trip but you’ll also spend time at Heart Rock taking photos and enjoying the views! Hiking to Heart Rock is one of our favorite things to do in Joshua Tree!

Can you take rocks from Joshua Tree?

No one may collect or disturb any animal, plant, rock, artifact or fossil within park boundaries. Joshua Tree National Park is a wildlife refuge.

Is an Adventure Pass the same as national park pass?