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How many 747 classics are still flying?

How many 747 classics are still flying?

There were 442 Boeing 747 aircraft in active airline service as of April 2022, comprising 6 747-100s, 18 747-200s, 4 747-300s, 265 747-400s, and 149 747-8s.

Is Boeing still taking orders for 747?

Ending an era, Boeing’s final four 747s—747-8F freighter variants—are expected to be delivered later this year to Atlas Air Worldwide. With the delivery of UPS’ (NYSE: UPS) final 747-8F order, Boeing (NYSE: BA) is closing in on the end of production for the historic jetliner that changed aviation forever.

Who bought 747 8I?

Currently, sales for both the Boeing 747 8 and the Airbus A380 are a bit soft, particularly the 747 8i….Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental orders and deliveries as at the end of October 2021.

Customer Name Lufthansa German Airlines
Orders 20
Deliveries 19
First Delivery 25-Apr-12

How many 747 does UPS own?


Aircraft In Service Notes
Boeing 747-400F 11
Boeing 747-8F 28 Largest operator of the Boeing 747-8F.
Boeing 757-200PF 75 Launch customer.
Boeing 767-300ER/BCF 8

Who is getting the last 747?

Atlas Air
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Atlas Air had purchased the last four 747s to be built. Commenting on Atlas Air’s Q3 earnings call, and as reported by Bloomberg, the airline’s CEO, John Dietrich, said, “These are the last 747s that Boeing will ever produce, and we’re delighted they’ll be coming to Atlas.”

Who still flies the 747-8?

If you’re hoping to fly the 747-8, Lufthansa is the airline you’re most likely to find yourself on. The German flag carrier operates 19 of the jets, nearly half of all in service. The best part is that the 747-8I is usually found on Lufthansa’s busiest routes across the world, making finding one a relatively easy task.

How do I connect my X-Plane 10 to my Boeing 747?

For example, the folder location might be ‘X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Boeing 747/’ on the pilot’s computer and ‘X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Boeing 747_copilot/’ on the copilot’s computer. With that done, open X‑Plane on each computer, move the mouse to the top of the screen, click on the Settings menu, and select Net Connections.

What’s new in X-Plane 10?

New to X‑Plane 10.10 is the ability to integrate with ForeFlight, a tool for real-world pilots to view charts and approach plates for their current location (or locations they plan to visit). When you install ForeFlight on your iPhone or iPad, though, you can connect it to X-Plane.

What is the best Boeing 747 for X-Plane? – v2.2 ‘ This is the “ultimate” Boeing 747 for X-Plane, and if like me in being a 747 nutjob then this SSG Boeing 748i/F delivers the full experience.’ X-Plane. Org Videos and Reviews

How do I select an aircraft in X-Plane 10?

This is used, in combination with the “cover flow”-like view in the bottom left of the window, to select an aircraft. By selecting the X‑Plane 10 folder, or the Aircraft folder, you will be able to scroll through all the aircraft you have installed.