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How many A340 does Virgin have?

How many A340 does Virgin have?

Fleet Matrix

Aircraft Type Historic Total
Airbus A330-900 2
Airbus A340 29 29
Airbus A340-300 10 10

Is the A340-600 still flying?

Germany’s flag carrier has flown a whopping 62 different A340s over the last 30 years, of every variant bar the -500. Today however, the airline retains a fleet of 17 A340-300s, and 5 A340-600s, based at Frankfurt and Munich respectively, flying to a select number of destinations across the Asia and the Americas.

What airlines still operate the A340-600?

Still Flying The A340-600: The Lufthansa Fleet In 2022

  • Lufthansa has over 250 aircraft in its fleet.
  • The A319 is the smallest Airbus narrowbody operated by the carrier.
  • The airline is a big customer of the A320neo family of aircraft.
  • Lufthansa sent its entire A340-600 fleet to desert storage in summer 2020.

How many Airbus A340-600 does Virgin Atlantic have?

Virgin Atlantic Fleet Airbus A340-600 Details and Pictures. On current fleet, there’s 6 wide-body aircraft Airbus A340-600 on Virgin Atlantic fleet. Virgin Atlantic were the first airline to introduce the Airbus A340-600, and at 75.3 metres it’s one of the longest civil aircraft made.

What are extra legroom seats on a virgin A340-600?

The Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 aircraft is configured in three classes, including Upper Class, Premium Economy and Economy. Virgin charges extra for bulkhead, exit row, and other seats which have more legroom. These seats are referred to as Extra Legroom Seats.

What is the seating configuration on a Airbus A340 600?

This three-class A340-600 is configured with economy seats in a 2-4-2 (A-C, D-E-F-G, H-K) layout, premium economy in a 2-3-2 (A-C, D-E-F, H-K) configuration, and business aligned 1-1-1 (A, D, K). The Upper Class cabin on the A340-600 is large, with 45 herringbone seats across 16 rows between doors 1 and 2.