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How many bearings does a Traxxas Slash have?

How many bearings does a Traxxas Slash have?


What is the top speed of a Traxxas Slash 4X4?

Traxxas Customer Support

Height (overall): 7.60 Inches (193mm)
Tires (pre-glued): Traxxas 2.2″ SCT with Foam Inserts
Wheels: 2.2″ Split-Spoke, Black or Red Beadlock
Top Speed: 60+mph (*With optional gearing and 3S LiPo battery (items sold separately). 35+mph stock)
Skill Level: 1

What scale is the Traxxas Slash 4X4?

Slash 4X4 Performance in 1/16 Scale, With High-Torque Titan 550 Power. Traxxas Slash set the standard short-course fun and versatility, then Slash 4X4 raised the bar on short-course performance with category-making speed, power, and track-ready handling.

What size are Traxxas Slash bearings?

TRB RC Wheel, Hub, Trans Bearings, 5x11x4mm (15) for Traxxas 2WD Slash, Stampede.

Does the Traxxas Slash come with bearings?

They are direct replacement and all bearings are included. Do yourself and your Slash a favor and replace the stock bearings or the worn out set you are running.

What size motor is in the Traxxas Slash 4X4 VXL?

Product Specifications

Part Number TRA68086-4-VISN
Wheels (front/rear) 2.2″ Split-Spoke, Black or Red Beadlock
Wheel Diameter 2.2 Inches (56mm) Outer; 3.0 Inches (76mm) Inner
Speed Control Type VXL-3s™ Electronic Speed Control
Motor (electric) Velineon® 3500 Brushless

Are Fast Eddy bearings good?

Fast Eddy Bearings are well known in the 1/5-scale crowd for their high quality components at competitive prices. For instance, a full standard bearing kit for an HPI Baja 5B will only set you back $43 dollars, which by 1/5-scale terms is quite affordable.

What is the Traxxas slash 4×4 drivetrain?

The Traxxas Slash 4X4 is one of the most versatile platforms available today with a nearly limitless supply of upgrades. This article focuses on the drivetrain and how to beef it up for some serious power upgrades down the road.

How do you install a differential seal on a Traxxas?

Line up the holes in the black rubber differential seal with the screw holes in the carrier. The holes are not pre-threaded so you’ll need to add a little pressure to get the screws started. Use the 2mm bit from the Traxxas tool kit and tighten down the ring gear onto the carrier using an “X” pattern.

Is the slash a high performance truck?

The Slash is a high performance truck and its drivetrain parts are subjected to constant punishment. It’s better to replace a worn part now than to have it fail out in the field. Click “Buy Now” to add all items to your cart.