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How many bodies are at the Body Farm in Texas?

How many bodies are at the Body Farm in Texas?

50 bodies
There are currently about 50 bodies in various states of decay at the Freeman Ranch facility. They won’t run out any time soon though. There are around 200 living people who plan to donate their bodies to this research effort once they pass away.

Can you tour the Body Farm?

Hence my cold call to the Body Farm, where the first thing I learned is that the facility doesn’t offer tours. If it did, Lee Jantz, the associate director, told me, the staff would never get any work done. The facility does assist with research, however, and I had some questions.

How do I donate my body to a Body Farm in Texas?

If you are interested in donating your body, please contact Membership Services to request an application. Membership Services can be reached by calling 214-648-5029.

How do body farms receive the bodies?

The bodies typically come from Texas hospitals, funeral homes, or medical examiners’ offices; from there, they are strapped to a gurney, loaded into cargo vans, and brought to the ranch, where researchers and student volunteers begin their research on the corpses.

How many human corpses have decayed at the Body Farm?

At any given time, the Body Farm in Tennessee may have around fifty bodies in various states of decomposition, left in various places—always at least a few feet from any of the other bodies. Over the years, Tennessee alone has housed more than 1,800 bodies—not to mention an additional 1,700 skeletons.

How much does it cost to go to a Body Farm?

How much does it cost to donate my body to you program? The FAC does not charge for body donations. The only expense may be as a result of transporting your body to our facility if you are more than 100 miles from Knoxville, outside the state of Tennessee, or if you are at a private residence or hospice.

Where are the 7 body farms?


  • 1.1 University of Tennessee.
  • 1.2 Western Carolina University.
  • 1.3 Texas State University.
  • 1.4 Sam Houston State University.
  • 1.5 Southern Illinois University.
  • 1.6 Colorado Mesa University.
  • 1.7 University of South Florida.