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How many dribbles Does Maradona have?

How many dribbles Does Maradona have?

Until 2018, Maradona also held the record for the most dribbles (105) in World Cup matches, a number was fittingly eclipsed by his compatriot Messi (110).

How do you dribble like Maradona?

How to dribble like Diego Maradona: Drive at the defender with a laces dribble keeping your head up. As you get close to the defender, drag the ball backwards, pivot and then drag the ball forwards to an angle. Remember, the ball goes backwards first and then forwards and use your studs to grip the ball.

Is Maradona the best soccer player ever?

Diego Maradona played for Barcelona and Napoli and is regarded as ‘the greatest ever’ by Lionel Messi and Zinedine Zidane said he was ‘on another level’ Diego Maradona was one of a handful of athletes who were able to transcend his sport.

Is Maradona a better dribbler than Messi?

Messi and maradona are very similar, Messi’s dribbling is abit faster than that of maradona, but maradona is stronger and faced worse tackles due to the type of football played in his area.

Who is the best dribbler ever?

Diego Maradona Maradona tops our list as the best ever dribbler for many reasons. While Messi is closing ever nearer to the same hights as his Argentinian counterpart, Maradona was the master of dribbling.

How do you make Maradona spin?

Let’s say the player wants to turn to the right. The player will put their right foot on top of the ball and drag the ball towards them. The player almost stops the ball, but they stay moving. As they slow the ball, they twirl to the left, or counterclockwise.

Who is the greatest dribbler ever?

Garrincha While most football legends are remembered by the goals they have scored, this man is remembered for his sublime dribbling. He goes by the name Garrincha and is widely regarded as the greatest ever dribbler in the world of football.