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How many ecozones are in Ontario?

How many ecozones are in Ontario?

From north to south, Ontario’s three ecozones are: Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario Shield and Mixedwood Plains. The Ontario Shield Ecozone occupies approximately 60% of the land base in Ontario, and extends from the contact zone with the Hudson Bay Lowlands to the lime- stone that underlies the Mixedwood Plains Ecozone.

How many Ecoregions does Ontario have?

Based on ecology, climate and topography, Ontario can be divided into four ecozones, and each is shared with other provinces and/or American states.

What ecozone is Lindsay in?

Ecoregion 2 E (James Bay Ecoregion)

How many Ecodistricts are in Ontario?

71 ecodistricts
There are 71 ecodistricts in Ontario, which are the target unit for the OMNR‟s representation analysis.

What is an MNR Ecodistrict?

In Ontario, the Ministry of Natural Resources ( MNR ) defines ecological units on the basis of bedrock, climate (temperature, precipitation), physiography (soils, slope, aspect) and corresponding vegetation, creating an Ecological Land Classification ( ELC ) system.

What ecoregion is Toronto?

Lake Erie Lowland ecoregion
The Lake Erie Lowland ecoregion (Map 1) is one of Canada’s 194 ecoregions. It covers a total area of approximately 24,000 square kilometres and extends from the city of Toronto in the East to the city of Windsor in the west and contains the most southerly point of mainland Canada, Point Pelee.

What biome is Ontario?

The temperate deciduous forest biome occupies most of the eastern part of the United States and a small strip of southern Ontario.

What is an Ecosite?

Ecosites are sub-divisions of the New Brunswick Ecological Land Classification system that encompass enduring features at the scale of a landform or part of a landform. Ridgetops, hillsides, and eskers are examples of landforms typically associated with ecosites.

What are ecoregions based on?

Ecoregions are identified by analyzing the patterns and composition of biotic and abiotic phenomena that affect or reflect differences in ecosystem quality and integrity (Omernik 1987, 1995). These phenomena include geology, landforms, soils, vegetation, climate, land use, wildlife, and hydrology.

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