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How many OLT models are there in Huawei OLT family?

How many OLT models are there in Huawei OLT family?

Huawei OLT is widely deployed around the world, serving more than 85 operators.

Can Huawei OLT support XG s PON technology?

The maximum speed for downstream is 2.5 Gbps and the maximum speed for upstream is 2.5 Gbps/1.25Gbps. Typical speed 2.5/1.25Gbps per PON port. The GPON supports network protection in downstream and upstream….GPON and XG(S)-PON.

Standard G.984
Fiber Type G.652, G.657

What is GPON Huawei?

GPON is a point-to-multipoint (P2MP) passive optical access standard that complies with ITU-T G. 984. x. A GPON system consists of an optical network terminal (OLT) interconnected to optical network units (ONUs) with an optical distribution network (ODN).

What is OLT in GPON?

Optical Line Terminal (OLT): The OLT is the ultimate network manager and controls all of the GPON network traffic, in the form video, data and voice signals, and sends them downstream to the ONTs on the other end.

Is OLT a router?

The OLT contains a central processing unit (CPU), passive optical network cards, a gateway router (GWR) and voice gateway (VGW) uplink cards. It can transmit a data signal to users at 1490 nanometers (nm). That signal can serve up to 128 ONTs at a range of up to 12.5 miles by using optical splitters.

What is Huawei ont?

Huawei ONT Overview ONT (Optical network terminal), is a product in the XPON network access solution. Huawei EchoLife series provides intelligent routing-type Optical Network Terminals (ONT) in Huawei’s FTTH solution that provides ultra-broadband access for home users by using GPON technology.

Is GPON shared bandwidth?

For example, GPON allows 2,300 Mbits/sec (i.e. 2.5-Gbits/sec line rate x efficiency) of bandwidth to be shared by 64 customers, or about 35 Mbits/sec per customer.

What is difference between OLT and ONT?

An OLT is the device that serves as your ISPs endpoint of the passive optical network (PON). The OLT also provides the interface between a PON and your ISP’s core network. Simply put, an OLT is ISP equipment. ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal.

What is OLT in FTTH?

An optical line terminal (OLT) is the endpoint hardware device in a passive optical network (PON). An OLT has two primary functions: Converting the standard signals used by a FiOS service provider to the frequency and framing used by the PON system.

Is OLT a switch or router?

What is FTTH modem?

Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the delivery of a communications signal over optical fiber from the operator’s switching equipment all the way to a home or business, thereby replacing existing copper infrastructure such as telephone wires and coaxial cable.