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How many pupils are at the Strood Academy?

How many pupils are at the Strood Academy?


Strood Academy
Gender Coeducational
Age 11 to 19
Enrolment 1360
Capacity 1500

When did Strood Academy open?

Working Since opening in 2009, our academy has transformed the educational opportunities and outcomes for girls and boys in Strood.

What time does Strood Academy finish?

On Tuesday, it will still be only year 7 students attending, but it will be for normal school hours of 8.45am – 3.05pm, this will then be the timings for all school days, with the exception of Wednesdays when all students have a 2pm finish.

What is the meaning of Strood?

Strood is a town in the unitary authority of Medway in Kent, South East England. It lies on the northwest bank of the River Medway at its lowest bridging point, and is part of the Rochester post town.

What shops are in Strood Retail Park?

120,000 sq ft with tenants including M&S Foodhall, Next, Matalan, Argos, B&M, Poundland, Cancer Research, The Gym and Starbucks. Strood forms part of the Medway towns and is located approximately 9 miles north of Maidstone and 27 miles south-east of London.

What are the five Medway towns?

It takes its name from the magnificent river that flows through it. Medway comprises the five towns of Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood. Medway’s economy is worth £4.8bn, with a growth rate ahead of the rest of the UK….Medway has five main rail stations:

  • Strood.
  • Rochester.
  • Chatham.
  • Gillingham.
  • Rainham.

Why is Strood called Strood?

The Old English name Strōd refers to a “marshy land overgrown with brushwood”. The Romans built a stone bridge and laid a road on a causeway across the marshy ground. The foundations were about 8 ft below the level of the 1856 road. The road went up Strood Hill, and was called Watling Street, as it still is today.

What is a Strood?

The Strood is an artificial causeway (locally pronounced ‘causy’). It originated as a reinforced trackway across the marshes but, as the sea level rose over the centuries, the Strood causeway had to be constructed and its level progressively raised.

What county is strood in?


Unitary authority Medway
Ceremonial county Kent
Region South East
Country England

Is Medway rough?

Medway has been great for us, yes it is rather rough around the edges in places but there are excellent schools including selective grammar schools if that’s your preference. (My son and daughter are now at Uni) You are never far from the river, sailing, walks and countryside.

Why is strood called Strood?