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How many questions are in S.L. Loney trigonometry?

How many questions are in S.L. Loney trigonometry?

63 questions
There are a total of 63 questions of all levels from these concepts in 2 exercises.

Is S.L. Loney trigonometry tough?

If you want more practice of a basic level, go for S.L. Loney(its a bit old fashioned though). For those who love challenges, go for A. Das Gupta. It has the toughest questions from trigonometry among all other books(even I had tough time solving them).

Is S.L. Loney good for JEE?

Is SL Loney good enough for JEE? Yes, Coordinate Geometry by SL Loney is a book for building fundamentals in Coordinate Geometry. It is very well suited for JEE.

What is a plane trigonometry?

Plane trigonometry deals with the relations between the angles and sides of triangles of which the three vertices are located on the surface of a plane and the sides are straight lines (a straight line being the shortest connection between two points on the plane).

Is Hall and Knight good for JEE mains?

Algebra by Hall and Knight is one of the best books for JEE preparation. Students preparing for IIT JEE and other engineering entrance exams as well as students appearing for board exams should read this everyday, especially to master Algebra and Probability.

Is VK Jaiswal enough for JEE Main?

The book is good and you’ll gain a lot from it. However it is not sufficient. You’ll have to purchase the book having previous years questions in it. Without solving any question and just studying you won’t get any idea of the type of questions asked.

Is trigonometry JEE hard?

Basically, trigonometry is an easy portion. But question wise, it can be tough as hell. The only thing you can do is practice, practice, and practice.

Is higher algebra a good book?

Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight is the best book for students and teachers who want to study algebra in detail. The chapters are arranged in ascending order of their toughness and sequence.