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How much do security guards make per hour in Ontario?

How much do security guards make per hour in Ontario?

According to the Government of Canada’s wage report (updated on October 1, 2019), hourly pay for security guards ranges from $11.50 to $24.86. The median hourly wage in Canada is $15.96….Wages in $/hour in Canada.

Province Ontario
Low $14.00
Median $15.00
High $25.00

How much does a Security Guard earns in Qatar?

An early career Security Guard with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of QAR 14,389 based on 57 salaries. A mid-career Security Guard with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of QAR 16,485 based on 11 salaries.

How much is a Security Guard paid in Bahrain?

A person working as a Security Guard in Bahrain typically earns around 450 BHD per month. Salaries range from 220 BHD (lowest) to 700 BHD (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What is the highest paid security job vacancies?

10 Highest-Paying Security Careers

  1. Chief Information Security Officer.
  2. Security Architect.
  3. Risk Manager.
  4. Systems, Network, and/or Web Penetration Tester.
  5. Network Security Engineer.
  6. Network Security Administrator.
  7. Cyber Crime Investigator.
  8. Information Security Analyst.

Is security a good job in Canada?

There is a high demand for security guards all across Canada and these jobs can provide you with a well-paying career while allowing for personal time to spend with family and friends. A security guard job is a great starter job for anyone not only those just arriving in Canada.

How much is a security guard paid in Dubai?

Job Responsibilities of a Security Guard: What is the salary for security jobs in Dubai? The average monthly compensation for security officer Jobs in Dubai is around 4000 AED. The percentage of monthly compensation offered is around 20% for housing, 8% for transport, and 11% for other expenses.

How many hours do Security Guard work in Qatar?

The job is between 8 – 12 hours according to Qatar labor Laws.

What is the minimum salary in Bahrain?

Bahrain has no set minimum wage rate. 300 BHD is the rate set for the public sector workers.

How much does a security guard earns in Canada?

How much does a Security guard make in Canada? The average security guard salary in Canada is $32,175 per year or $16.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $27,788 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $40,950 per year.