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How much does a UN P3 earn?

How much does a UN P3 earn?

37,000 – 80,000 for entry level professionals (P1 – P3)
67,000 – 106,000 for mid-career professionals (P4 – P5)
95,000 – 123,000 for senior level professionals (D1 – D2)

What is the salary for a P4 position at the UN?

Wondering how much a P-4 is paid? The base salary is usually between 90,970 USD and 117,287 USD per year. It’s common to have salary adjustments depending on the location. Salaries, grants and allowances paid by the United Nations are normally exempt from income tax.

What is the salary of P2 in UN?

Salary and benefits system Base UN salary scale is established by the General Assembly for various categories of specialists: P1: $70,533.00 — $85,114.00. P2: $86,908.00 — $95,978.00.

What is U5 salary scale in Uganda?

Salary scale U5 attracts a monthly salary of Ug. Shs. 469,852.

Does working for the UN pay well?

Great Benefits and Pay but not much in career advancement. The organization has excellent benefits and 30 days of annual leave. They pay is much better than the private sector but career advancement is very limited.

Does UN job pay well?

UN Jobs Can Be Well Paid The UN has a wide range of jobs with a degree of variation in salaries, but overall, jobs at the UN are considered highly paid. For example, ‘professional’ (P) roles within the UN earn these kinds of salaries: Entry level (P1 – P3): 37,000 USD – 80,000 USD.

How much does a CDO earn in Uganda?

CDO in Kamuli Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
First Citizens Bank CDO salaries – 1 salaries reported Kamuli $258,784/yr
Infinite Computer Solutions CDO salaries – 1 salaries reported Kamuli $212,714/yr
Natera CDO salaries – 1 salaries reported Kamuli $17/hr
Natera CDO salaries – 1 salaries reported Kamuli $16/hr

How much is U1E salary scale in Uganda?

Category Salary (pm) FY 2015/ 2016 Approve Pay Target (FY 2022/2023)
Head Teacher- Secondary School (U1E) 1,728,007 10,000,000
Deputy Head Teacher-Secondary School (U2) 1,291,880 7,400,000
Graduate Secondary School Teacher (U4) 961,199 4,800,000
Diploma Secondary School Teacher (U5) 720,805 3,500,000