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How much does Scotch College Adelaide cost?

How much does Scotch College Adelaide cost?

Primary school fees at Scotch College

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $17,000
Grade 1 $17,000
Grade 2 $17,000
Grade 3 $19,760

What religion is Scotch College Adelaide?

Uniting Church
Scotch College, Adelaide

Scotch College
Type Independent, co-educational, day & boarding
Motto Scientia, Humanitas, Religio
Denomination Uniting Church (formerly Presbyterian)
Established 1919

Is Scotch College a good school?

Scotch College is one of the most respected and dynamic schools in Australia, providing an integrated range of educational programs for boys from the Preparatory year to Year 12. Founded in 1851, Scotch College is one of the oldest schools in Victoria.

How do I apply to Scotch College?

Admission Policy and Procedures can be obtained from our website Please complete one of the application forms for your son and return it with the application fee of $100. A photocopy of official evidence of your son’s date of birth (birth certificate or extract of birth entry) is also required.

What is Scotch College known for?

The Scotch College of today is a modern and dynamic Australian school, and our Scottish heritage continues to be celebrated as the foundation for the value we place on faith, reason and service and the role we believe education plays in empowering young people to take of control of their lives.

What is the best school in South Australia?

Wilderness School
Top High Schools in SA

2020 Rank School Name % ATAR 90+
1 Wilderness School 74%
2 Glenunga International High School 74%
3 St Peter’s College 53.9%
4 Pembroke School 47.8%

Is Wesley a good College?

Wesley College Ranking Factors Wesley College is ranked #38-#49 in Regional Colleges North. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.