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How much does Sunderland Council charge to take rubbish away?

How much does Sunderland Council charge to take rubbish away?

Remember – you can take many items to the Household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) to be disposed of free of charge. It’s simple to book and slots are available now. We can collect bulky waste items from your address. The charge for this service is £10 for up to 6 items.

What goes in household refuse?


  • Paper products (magazines, newspapers, brochures etc.)
  • Light cardboard (shoe, cereal boxes, kitchen / toilet roll tubes)
  • Heavy cardboard (ripped up)
  • Tetra packs (juice cartons, etc.)
  • Postcards, plain greeting cards.
  • Phone books & Yellow pages.
  • Food cans.
  • Aluminium drink cans (rinsed)

How do I book a slot for Sunderland tip?

Residents can book an appointment at Half hour time slots will be available between 8am and 7.30 pm with bookings available on a first come first served basis. The centre will close at 8pm and there will be no access to the site without a booking.

How do I contact Sunderland Council?

Additional Details

  1. Phone: 0191 520 5555.

How much does it cost to have a fridge take away?

The average cost of old fridge disposal covering collection from the property and responsible disposal is £15 to £65, depending on your fridge’s size and reusability.

Do you need an appointment for the tip at Sunderland?

You must book an appointment to use the site to help manage traffic and reduce queuing. Cars, car derived vans, cars with trailers (up to 3m in length) and vans are currently able to access the site. Please note vans with trailers will not be permitted.

What can you put in a clothes bank?

New or used (clean) clothes, sheets, towels, curtains shoes, bags are all acceptable items for the Clothes Banks. We are very grateful that people continue to donate their clothes, textiles and other items to the Family Resource Centre. We are also very happy to accept bagged clothes at the Centre.

What bin does egg shells go in?

Here is a list of more items that should NOT go in your recycling bin, and advice on where to dispose of them. These are food waste – please place egg shells in your food waste bin. You can place egg boxes in your recycling bin however, if not reusing for crafts, once they are clean, dry and loose.

How do I email Sunderland city Council?

Sunderland City Council

  1. Visit Contact Page.
  2. Email Customer Services on [email protected].
  3. Call Customer Services on 0191 520 5555.
  4. Visit Homepage.

How do I make a complaint to Sunderland Council?

  1. How to Make a Complaint.
  2. Write to:
  3. Complaints, Civic Centre, Burdon Road, Sunderland, SR2 7DN.
  4. Telephone:
  5. (0191) 520 5555.
  6. Email:
  7. [email protected].
  8. Website: