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How much is MobiGo 2?

How much is MobiGo 2?

VTech’s MobiGo 2 is available for pre-order now at,, and for a suggested retail price of US$59.99.

How do I download games on MobiGo 2?

The first way is to click on Download Center in the top menu bar of the Learning Lodge ™ home page. On the next page, scroll down to the MobiGo ® Download Center and click the Enter button. There are different download centers available for the MobiGo ® and MobiGo ® 2.

What is a MobiGo by VTech?

VTech’s MobiGo Touch Learning System is an interactive learning device that uses a touchscreen and keyboard to control gameplay. Designed to encourage learning and the development of dexterity skills, the MobiGo device brings modern handheld technology to young users.

When did V smile come out?

August 4, 2004
V. Smile

Top: A French first-generation V.Smile (Model 6122) Bottom: A second-generation V.Smile (Model 752)
Generation Sixth generation
Release date WW : August 4, 2004
Discontinued 2010
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How much are Mobigos?

He hasn’t asked for any new games since I downloaded the three above.At $59.99, I believe the VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System is well worth the money. It’s already been dropped several times, so I know it’s durable.

Do MobiGo games work on MobiGo 2?

The cartridges for MobiGo ® and MobiGo ® 2 are compatible with both systems. The only exceptions are the Game Storage Cartridge and the Touch & Learn Game Pack.

When did the MobiGo come out?

1st of July 2010
It’s an interactive learning system designed for children between 3-8 years old. The device uses touch screen, keyboard, voice input and motion input to control game play. The device was released on the 1st of July 2010 by VTech® Electronics North America.

What consoles came out 2000?

The following overviews represent the systems which were released during this decade which spans from 2000 to 2009.

  • 2000 – NUON Technology.
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When did the Mobigo come out?

What kind of games does the mobigo 2 have?

The games and apps available for the MobiGo 2 are as fun as they are educational. The toy comes preloaded with four apps: a hamster-ball racing game that employs the motion control, an archery-themed game that teaches QWERTY keyboard skills, an artistic coloring app that makes use of the touch screen, and a photo app.

What is the difference between the original mobigo and Mobi go 2?

MobiGo 2 has the same great touch screen play as the original MobiGo, and now offers a motion sensor and microphone, adding two new features for kids to explore. Now kids have four ways to play with their MobiGo2: the touch screen, the keyboard, the motion sensor, and the microphone.

What are the benefits of the mobigo 2?

The MobiGo 2 offers a slew of developmental benefits for your child. The e-reader function and some educational games help children learn letter names, phonics, and reading skills. Some apps that embrace science themes, math activities, and problem solving, while others promote visualization and memory, creativity, and motor skills.

What is the mobigo 2 touch learning system?

The MobiGo 2 touch learning system features a touch-activated screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard for fun and learning on the go! VTech Canada | MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System | Learning Games for Children