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Is Ashido from bleach still alive?

Is Ashido from bleach still alive?

The Hollows eventually overwhelmed Ashido’s unit and killed all but Ashido and one of his comrades. As Ashido went to face the group of Hollows alone, he left his friend to rest, but a Hollow attacked and fatally wounded his friend. Ashido’s friend managed to kill the Hollow, but died soon afterwards.

Does Ashido return to Soul Society?

Though he was to return to Soul Society once he wiped out the Hollows (an impossible task given how many reside in Hueco Mundo), he decided to stay and kill as many hollows as possible, hoping to reduce the numbers appearing in the human world.

Is Ashido bleach canon?

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What squad is Ashido in bleach?

Six Directions
Ashido Kanō (Kenji)

Ashido Kanō
Affiliation Six Directions
Occupation Shinigami
Team Six Directions, Ikki
Partner Shiju Shūdō

How many kenpachi’s are there?

11 holders
There have been a total of 11 holders of this title. Claimants include: Yachiru Unohana, the 1st Kenpachi and the former 4th Division Captain. Kenpachi Kiganjō, the 10th Kenpachi and the former 11th Division Captain.

Did Rukia go back for Ashido?

Ashido was that dude that Rukia and company encountered in the menos grande forest below Hueco Mundo. Ashido valiantly stayed behind for some reason, and Rukia promised to go back for him. But she never did. Because Ashido was filler.

How strong is Ashido?

Meninas has incredible strength that allows her to lift buildings without breaking a sweat. She can make her muscles grow five times in size and can send her opponent flying with a single, deadly punch.