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Is Diefenbaker a good school?

Is Diefenbaker a good school?

As one of the five International Baccalaureate high schools in Calgary, John G. Diefenbaker High School is well known for its academic programs. On the Provincial Diplomas, John G. Diefenbaker performs well and is in the top five High Schools in the CBE.

When was Diefenbaker prime minister of Canada?

John George Diefenbaker PC CH QC FRSC FRSA (/ˈdiːfənˌbeɪkər/; September 18, 1895 – August 16, 1979) was the 13th prime minister of Canada, serving from 1957 to 1963.

What nationality is Diefenbaker?

CanadianJohn Diefenbaker / Nationality

Where was John Diefenbaker born?

Neustadt, CanadaJohn Diefenbaker / Place of birthNeustadt is a community in the municipality of West Grey in Grey County in southern Ontario, Canada. The village is located south of Hanover on Grey Road 10 and north of Guelph, Ontario and Kitchener, Ontario. Neustadt is a rural Ontario village with German roots and a village history associated with farming culture. Wikipedia

Can you swim in Lake Diefenbaker?

Lake Diefenbaker, southern Saskatchewan’s largest lake, boasts some of the most dramatic shorelines. Ragged cliffs, rolling hills and big sandy beaches with shallow waters make it a perfect destination for swimming and sightseeing.

What’s the deepest lake in Saskatchewan?

Lake Athabasca
Lake Athabasca Lake Athabasca is Saskatchewan’s very deepest and largest lake, covering a whopping 7,936 square kilometres.

What does the name Diefenbaker mean?

Diefenbaker was a name for someone who lived in the village of Tiefendorff in Bavaria. The original bearer of this name was from Tiefendorff and the name was adopted by the family after they migrated to the Rhineland.

What type of dog is Diefenbaker?

wolf hybrid
Diefenbaker is a wolf hybrid from coastal British Columbia. While posted at the Prince Rupert detachment in 1992, Constable Benton Fraser found himself in a dangerous situation and met the animal as he held on to an ice floe drifting along the shore.

What is the deepest part of Diefenbaker lake?

217′Diefenbaker Lake / Max depth

Who is a famous person from Saskatchewan?

Tom Jackson. One of Canada’s most popular actors and country folk singers, Jackson is also well known as an entrepreneur. He was born to Rose, a Cree mother and Marshall, an English father on the One Arrow Reserve in Saskatchewan, Canada.