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Is Dutch lap vinyl siding better?

Is Dutch lap vinyl siding better?

Dutch lap siding comes in fewer sizes, which can limit customization options. It is also a more costly style of siding. For homeowners who need a durable siding in an attractive style, however, Dutch lap is an ideal choice.

Is Dutch lap siding more expensive?

Dutch lap and traditional vinyl siding are two popular types of clapboard siding. Nowadays, both options are made of vinyl, and the only important difference between the two is the style. Dutch lap is also slightly more expensive than traditional siding.

Is Dutch lap vinyl siding popular?

Dutch Lap siding has been popular for so long that it can easily be found in many siding materials, including vinyl. Attractive and classic in appearance, it looks good in a range of colors and on many architectural styles.

What is the difference between traditional and Dutch lap vinyl siding?

Unlike traditional siding planks, which are flat, dutch lap has a gentle concave face that curves out into a notched overlap. This unique design creates more dramatic shadowing than regular lap siding, providing a slightly more prominent overlay.

What is the difference between Dutch lap and shiplap siding?

Dutch lap is a type of drop siding that is not beveled or lapped in installation, unlike clapboards. Instead, it is edge-matched with shiplap or, less frequently, tongue-and-groove so that it can be installed flat on wall framing without the use of sheathing.

What does Dutch Lap look like?

Dutch Lap siding is a horizontal plank-style that has a slightly concave face with a notch at the bottom of each course. This notch creates a shadow over the course below, giving the siding its distinctive appearance.

How much does Dutch lap vinyl siding cost?

Dutch lap siding prices range from $2.75 to $8 psf completely installed – including the cost of the panels, all additional materials and the installation.

What are the different types of vinyl siding?

A Note on Sizes. As a rule of thumb,vinyl siding usually comes in the following widths: 4”,5”,6”,7”.

  • Clapboard Style.
  • Traditional Lap Style.
  • Dutch Lap.
  • Smooth.
  • Log Vinyl.
  • Wood Grain.
  • Half-Round (Scallop) As you might imagine based on the name – these are vinyl pieces manufactured in a half-round shape.
  • Beaded Seam.
  • Cedar Shake.
  • What is a Dutch lap?

    Dutch lap is a variant of clapboard siding. Traditionally made of wood, most Dutch lap siding nowadays is made of vinyl. The Dutch lap panels are characterized by a sharp bevel that creates a contrast between the planks. Moreover, this type of siding has deep troughs designed to create a strong shadow line.

    Who sells CertainTeed vinyl siding?

    that can be installed by any vinyl siding contractor without any special equipment, Wolf said. CertainTeed, a subsidiary of Paris-based Saint-Gobain, is headquartered near Malvern, Pennsylvania.

    What is Dutch lap wood siding?

    Design Essentially,both Dutch lap and traditional siding consist of narrow planks laid horizontally over the building façade.

  • Durability Considering that both Dutch lap and traditional siding are made of vinyl,there isn’t a significant difference in durability.
  • Cost