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Is Farecla G3 any good?

Is Farecla G3 any good?

Once again, Farecla’s product delivers the most effective combination of scratch removal and a shiny finish. It removed all trace of our self-inflicted mark at the first attempt, matched only by T-Cut, although the veteran paste left nowhere near as good a finish.

What is G3 paste compound used for?

G3 Regular Grade Paste is a rubbing compound recommended for use on OEM and refinish paint systems to reliably cut P1500 or finer sanding marks. This versatile product can be used by hand or machine, to deliver permanent results – no fillers.

What is G3 advanced liquid compound?

G3 Advanced Liquid Compound is a one-step system that provides a fast cutting action and a high gloss finish. It combines all the reliability and other advantages of G3 Paste with a reduced clean up time when compounding by machine.

Do you use water with G3 compound?

Advanced G3 has been tested against all major paint brands and has proven compliant to remove defects from all modern paint systems. Using the product with water will result in maximum performance benefits.

What is the difference between Farecla G3 and G6?

The difference between these products is that G3 Paste is designed for use on Medium Solids paint systems; G3 Liquid on High Solids; and G6 Paste on very aged paints.

Can I use G3 on headlights?

Certainly no harm in trying it, as with everything start gently and go from there… Yes it will – i used it on some fogged headlights and it had a reasonable amount of cut, which restored a lot of the clarity.

Can you use G3 on glass?

Can G3 Professional Scratch Remover be used on bare plastics or glass? No. G3 Professional Scratch Remover can only be used on painted car surfaces.

What is Farécla G3?

For automotive applications, Farécla developed the G3 range. With continual development, our R&D team ensures Farécla G3 delivers the cut and finish required across all automotive coatings. Today, G3 can be found in OEMs and bodyshops around the world. G3 Premium Abrasive Compound

What is the Farécla G3 pro colour restorer at Halfords?

Find out more about the Farécla G3 Pro Colour Restorer online at Halfords today. The Farécla G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt is a re-usable double-sided mitt, working to remove dirt, bugs, tar spots and dulling pollutants from your car’s paintwork when lubricated with shampoo or Farécla G3 Pro Rapid Detailer.

Is Farécla G3 pro resin superwax safe?

The Farécla G3 Pro Resin Superwax provides your vehicle’s exterior with a safe and effective aftercare wax. Developed alongside paint and lacquer manufacturers, this Farécla G3 Pro Wax is safe and effective on all paint types, and has an interlinked protection system, constructed from the highest-grade carnauba, montanic and paraffin waxes.

What is the Farécla G3 pro deep clean clay Mitt?

Designed to last up to five times longer than traditional clay bars, the Farécla G3 Pro Clay Mitt features advanced rubber polymer technology, allowing you to re-use it multiple times when applying Farécla G3 Pro products to your car. Get your own Farécla G3 Pro Deep Clean Clay Mitt from Halfords online today.