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Is KUJA a good guy?

Is KUJA a good guy?

Kuja is first primary villain in the main series Final Fantasy games to show genuine regret and remorse for his own actions.

How do you beat Trance Kuja?

It is best to equip the abilities Bird Killer and MP Attack to boost damage output when using normal attacks. If powered up, Zidane’s Thievery skill, Freya’s Dragon’s Crest, and Quina’s Frog Drop can all inflict maximum damage against Trance Kuja.

Is Zidane related to Kuja?

Kuja could also be considered to be Zidane’s brother. An alternative Japanese spelling of kuja is 九蛇, which translates to “nine snakes”, referencing both the title from which he hails as well as his untrustworthy and scheming characteristics.

Is Kuja a girl?

Make no mistake, Kuja is a man. There are certainly a large number of pretty boy Final Fantasy villains. Though some onlookers might jokingly ask whether or not Emperor Palamecia, Kefka, or Yazoo are women. Kuja easily places at the top of all the divas, male or female.

How old is Kuja?

24 years old
At 24 years old, Kuja is the youngest main antagonist in the Final Fantasy series. He wears a large feather in his hair, has light-blue eyes and pale complexion, and is of medium height and light build.

How much HP does Kuja have?

Trance Kuja

Trance Kuja
76 55535
Exp AP Gil
0 0

Is Vivi a girl?

Vivi is one of several “energetic young boy” characters who permeate the many player parties in the Final Fantasy series.

Does KUJA have a tail?

When in Trance, Kuja becomes covered in red fur and his clothes, which turn white, become tattered. He has a long furred tail in this form.

How old is Eiko?

six years old
Eiko is only six years old. She is one of the two last surviving Summoners of Madain Sari (the other being Garnet). Eiko’s family was not in Madain Sari when it was destroyed by Garland.