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Is Mumbai close to New Delhi?

Is Mumbai close to New Delhi?

The Distance between Delhi to Mumbai by road is 1436KM. The aerial distance from Delhi to Mumbai is 1148KM.

Can we go Delhi to Mumbai by car?

Right now, it takes about 23-26 hours to reach Maharashtra from Delhi via NH 48, covering a distance of 1400-km long-distance. The route majorly covers two states- Rajasthan and Gujarat.

How much time it will take from Delhi to Mumbai?

The average time taken to connect these cities is 22:8 hours. There are 22 weekly trains and 9 daily trains that run from Delhi to Mumbai , covering the shortest distance of about 1384 km by MUMBAI RAJDHANI(12952). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Delhi to Mumbai.

How is the road from Delhi to Mumbai?

In a go this distance can be covered in a non stop 24 hour drive, but what’s the fun if you can’t take a stopover in cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. The entire road is as smooth as cake with few bad patches, but others are so good that the entire journey will not be tiring.

Is Delhi Mumbai highway open?

The foundation stone for the project was laid in March 2019 and the expressway is scheduled for inauguration on January 26, 2023. The eight-lane Delhi Mumbai expressway will cover the Delhi Mumbai distance by passing through five states and several greenfield sites, which will be developed into warehousing hubs.

How far is Goa from Delhi by flight?

Delhi to Goa

Aerial Distance 1515Km
Road Distance 1872Km

Why Delhi is famous for?

The monuments of Delhi’s historical past are unique to Delhi. Delhi also has shopping markets in some of the historically important places. Chandni Chowk, for instance, leaves visitors awestruck with its numerous hidden gems. Furthermore, Delhi is also famous for its street shops and street food as well.

Is Mumbai better than Delhi?

Delhi ranks 1st out of 19 major Metropolitan cities in the country for crimes (reported) while Mumbai ranked 15th. In terms of most number of murders reported, Delhi ranks 5th, while Mumbai comes in at 16th. Delhi also ranks 1st, when it comes to kidnapping and abduction. Mumbai ranks 7th on this.

How is Mumbai and Delhi connected by road?

National Highway 8(NH8) Is the road which connects Mumbai and Delhi.