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Is Paraiba tourmaline valuable?

Is Paraiba tourmaline valuable?

Quality Paraiba tourmalines range from $2,000 to $50,000 per carat. Because of the value and rarity of this stone, purchasing a larger number of small stones is often more feasible than finding a multi-carat, genuine Paraiba on the market.

Is Paraiba tourmaline a precious stone?

Paraiba tourmaline is a type of tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone, that was first discovered in Paraiba, Brazil (where it receives its name, as you could probably guess). Only recently discovered, in the 1980s, these stones often have a blue-green hue, with intense coloration derived from their copper content.

Why is Paraiba tourmaline so expensive?

The rarity of Paraiba Tourmalines – Paraiba Tourmalines are rare because they have, thus far, only been found in copper rich areas such as Brazil, Nigeria and Mozambique. Paraiba tourmalines from Brazil are among the rarest gems in the world.

Is tourmaline more expensive than emerald?

Emerald is, carat-for-carat, much more expensive than tourmaline when both are of the same grade. What is this? And the truth is that lower grade tourmaline is most often sold as specimens to collectors, while even opaque emerald is usually cut to increase its value.

Is Paraiba a pyramid scheme?

A brief look at its presentation reveals that it is a typical pyramid scheme. It lives on new deposits coming in, it needs new members to be recruited and it has a correspondent structure. People will get rewarded for introducing new investors to Paraiba, you can get a percentage of what people below you deposit.

What is the best precious stone to invest in?

The most popular gemstone for investors is definitely the diamond. Other gemstones like the ruby and the emerald (also the tanzanite, the alexandrite and other particularly rare varieties) can also be considered an excellent investment and can increase their value in time, even more than the diamond.