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Is Portfoliobox still free?

Is Portfoliobox still free?

You get plenty with a free Portfoliobox account. I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy after testing the free version. Anyone can sign up at no charge and your account will stay that way for life.

What is Portfoliobox used for?

Portfoliobox is an online service that creatives can use to build their own website. There are three types of accounts: Light, Pro & Pro Plus accounts. The premium account contains everything a creative needs to create a professional website, including a personal .com domain.

How do I publish my Portfoliobox?

To publish your site, please click on Publish at the upper right corner of your admin panel. There will be two options: Get a New Domain. Use the Domain I already own.

How do I cancel my Portfoliobox subscription?

Cancel your subscription

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Subscription.
  3. Click on Cancel Subscription.
  4. Let us know why you choose to cancel the subscription and fill in your password.
  5. Click on Cancel Subscription to confirm.

Is PortfolioBox Free 2021?

It’s 100% free. Requires minimum effort and you get lots of value!

How do I create a free online portfolio?

How to make a portfolio

  1. Launch Canva. Open Canva and search “Portfolio” to start your project.
  2. Start with a free template. Get inspired by a free portfolio template on Canva.
  3. Add your logos, fonts, and colors.
  4. Customize your portfolio.
  5. Publish, print, and share.

How do I create an online portfolio?

How to create an online portfolio

  1. Gather inspiration.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Showcase your best projects.
  4. Use high quality images.
  5. Include the right content and features.
  6. Improve your portfolio’s UX.
  7. Work on your site’s SEO.
  8. Make it mobile friendly.

How do I share my Portfoliobox link?

If you are using the free version, your full site URL would look like this: Your visitors can share your website directly by clicking on a button on your website. To activate the share button, you can go to Cogwheel > Settings > Social Media. In the section Share, click on On.

How do I delete a Portfoliobox website?

To delete your account, you can click on the Cogwheel Icon in the top-right corner of the admin panel > expand the Settings tab > General then scroll down to the Delete Site button and click on it.

How do I delete a portfolio box?

To delete your account and its contents:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the panel and click on Delete The Account.
  4. State your reason and enter your password.
  5. Hit Delete The Account once you’re done.

What is portfoliobox?

What is Portfoliobox? It is a website builder solution that helps users build online stores, portfolios, gallery pages, and more. Here are some products we think might be a good fit based on what people like you viewed. Learn more about pricing Portfoliobox has not provided pricing details yet.

How do I create a portfolio site?

First click the “create page” button near the top. This opens a menu full of custom page options. I’d say most portfolio sites need a minimum of three pages: In the past we’ve covered some design tips for creating your own layout, but thankfully you don’t need to worry about much of that.

How much Commission does portfoliobox take?

Portfoliobox takes no commission or cut from any sales. With a slick, intuitive, and stripped-back in-browser editor, Portfoliobox removes many of the barriers that non-technical users can often find daunting when it comes to website building.

Is there a portfolio site manager for creatives?

Nothing to lose but a little time, yet the upside is finding your new favorite portfolio site manager tailor-made for creatives.