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Is the Avalon 737 worth it?

Is the Avalon 737 worth it?

For a bass DI, the Avalon 737 does a great job. The pre adds a touch of smoothness, the comp controls the transients (punchy attack if needed I prefer to do at the mixing stage with a 1176 or SSL plug in), and the EQ allows you to sculpt the sound to your liking without changing it’s overall tone.

Is the UAD Avalon good?

The Avalon sounds great from our testing and can add depth and warmth to recordings in a confident manner. The midrange EQ offers a lot of flexibility and works equally well on vocals and instruments. We also appreciate the stepped controls for the “air” and low EQ bands.

When did the Avalon 737 come out?

The Avalon 737 is one of the first channel strip boxes that were designed that was released in the late 1990’s.

What does a Channel Strip do?

A channel strip is a device that allows the output of an audio device to be amplified to a line level and integrated into some other system. An audio channel strip may be a stand-alone unit or one of many units built into a mixing desk.

What does a preamp do for home audio?

(PREAMPlifier) Meaning “before the amp,” the preamp is the primary control unit in a stereo or home theater system. It switches low-level signals from audio and video sources to the audio amplifiers, which boost the preamp output sufficiently to drive the speakers. The preamp always includes the volume control.

Are UAD plugins the best?

Universal Audio plugins are better because of the integration with Unison-enabled preamps. Now we’re getting into the main feature that makes Universal Audio unique. Most of their audio interfaces are equipped with Unison-enabled preamps which have single-handedly revolutionized the realm of analog modelling.

What does Avalon 737 do?

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the Avalon VT-737 plug-in captures the hardware’s mic preamp impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and exact circuit behaviors, giving you all the detailed sonics of the original Avalon hardware — including its gentle high-pass filter for removing mud and low-end gunk.

What is the operation manual for the Avalon VT-737sp?

Operation and Controls Page 18 Avalon Vt-737sp Operation Manual 4.1 Rear Panel Description 2-terminal barrier strip. Isolates chassis ground from audio ground. To lift ground, simply unscrew both phillips-head screws and remove the metal strip held down by the screws.

What is the Avalon vt-737 Tube channel strip plug-in?

Available exclusively for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces, and fully endorsed by Avalon Design, the Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip plug-in captures the entire hit-making essence of the channel strip that has defined the sound of modern music! Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip — Key Features:

Why is the Avalon VT-737sp so expensive?

Avalon’s 100% discrete, Class A pream- plifiers require many specialized components, a large power transformer, heat sinks for heat dissipation and are therefore much more expensive to build than preamplifiers built around op amps. Basics Page 36 Avalon Vt-737sp Operation Manual 6.6 Compression

What is the difference between the Avalon Design VT-737sp and ad2022/ad2022 preamp?

A: The Vt-737sp is a vacuum tube preamp with compression and equalizer. The AD2022 (dual channel), and M5 (mono) are traditional ultra-high performance mic preamps made with discrete electronics and not tubes. All Avalon Design preamps run in Class A mode and feature enormous headroom and wonderful musicality.