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Is the Kepler Track worth it?

Is the Kepler Track worth it?

The Kepler Track truly is one of the Great Walks in New Zealand and is one of our favourites. This 60 km hike has the most stunning ridge lines we’ve ever hiked as well as views that will blow you away throughout the entire hike.

How long does it take to walk the Kepler Track?

4 days
Kepler Track Distance: 60km (37 miles) loop track. You can finish after 50.5km (31 miles) if you would prefer, but to do this you’ll need to organize transport in advance. Kepler Track Duration: Most people stay 2 or 3 nights on the track; 3 or 4 days total.

How difficult is the Kepler track?

The Kepler Track is a moderately difficult hike. Although the track is well-maintained there are some steep sections as well as a trail on a ridgeline.

Can you walk the Kepler Track in 3 days?

The entire Kepler Track is a 60km, 3-night loop, however, most people choose to walk it over 3 days/2 nights and skip the last 9.5km as the scenery is much the same. We recommend this option, which means covering 22km from Iris Burn to Rainbow Reach car park on the final day.

Can you do the Kepler Track in two days?

It is traditionally done in 3-4 days, but if you are short on time and in good shape, it can be completed in 2-days. Don’t be surprised if you see a few ultra-runners training during your hike. The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run ultramarathon has been held every December since 1988.

Can you camp anywhere on the Kepler Track?

What we found out after arriving at the hut is you can actually camp here for free – there’s just one catch, you must hike 500m off the trail (we found this information in the Luxmore Hut.) This is a New Zealand law and applies to all Great walks. On non-Great Walks, the law is 200 meters.

How much does it cost to do the Kepler Track?

Great Walk campsites

Great Walk campsites Summer prices
(incl GST)
Kepler Track
$32 $21
Routeburn Track

Is the Kepler Track open?

Late October to April (Great Walks Season) Bookings are open for the 2022/23 season. In the Great Walks season (25 October 2022 – 30 April 2023): track is well marked and signposted, but some sections are steep and rough.

Which is the easiest Great Walk NZ?

the Abel Tasman Track
Abel Tasman By far the easiest of all the Great Walks is the Abel Tasman Track.

What should I bring to Kepler track?

Packing the right gear is a key component in having a good time on the Kepler Track. It rains a lot in Fiordland, so your first priority should be making sure you have the appropriate wet weather gear. I’d recommend some light, rain proof layers as well as some warmer things to wear underneath.

Can you camp on Kepler Track?

So, in regards to the Kepler Track, you can camp near the Luxmore Hut, as long as you are 500 metres from the track. This applies to the main track AND the Luxmore Caves track. So, if you have your own alpine tent, you can hike the entire Kepler Track for $20 (kiwis) or $40 (foreigners).

When can you book Kepler track?