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Is the Pennsylvania Code law?

Is the Pennsylvania Code law?

The Pennsylvania Code is the official legal codification of the administrative regulations of Pennsylvania. It includes the final rules and regulations of the different state departments and agencies, the rules of the General Assembly, and various Pennsylvania court rules.

What is PA state Code?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
Pennsylvania PA 42
Rhode Island RI 44
South Carolina SC 45
South Dakota SD 46

What are the weird laws in Pennsylvania?

Weird Laws from Pennsylvania

  • It is illegal to sing while in a bathtub.
  • An individual may not become Governor if they have participated in a duel.
  • Firework stores cannot sell fireworks to residents of Pennsylvania.
  • Vehicles cannot be sold on Sundays.

What was the great law of 1682?

This colony was run by Quakers so it followed all the same rules as the Quakers did, Penn’s Great Law, set in 1682, states that “People of all faiths would be treated equally.” pg 43 History Alive textbook.

Where can I find Pennsylvania laws?

What other places can I look for legal and government information?

  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives Archives.
  • Duquesne University Center for Legal Information.
  • Electronic Bill Room.
  • Pennsylvania Senate Journal.
  • Pennsylvania House Journal.
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association.
  • Pennsylvania Bulletin.

How do I find my pa laws?

The official Consolidated Statutes are available online from the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Users can search by keyword, search by title and section number, and browse by title. A print copy of the consolidated statutes is prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau and is available at Jenkins.

How do you cite Pa regulations?


  1. The number of the title.
  2. The abbreviation “Pa. Code”
  3. The section of the Code.

What’s the dumbest law in Pennsylvania?

Some of the weirdest laws in the Keystone State are specific to particular cities. In Pittsburgh, it is illegal to bring a mule onto a trolley car. Also, sleeping in a refrigerator is against the law here.

Is it illegal to tell fortunes in PA?

Fortune-telling is illegal in Pennsylvania and has been since at least 1861.

What was unusual about the rules for settlers of Pennsylvania?

But Penn had the opportunity to act on his beliefs. In Pennsylvania, religious tolerance was the law. Penn welcomed settlers from all faiths to Pennsylvania. Each of the other American colonies had established an official church, but Penn did not.

What was the great law Pa?

The Great Law established liberty of conscience, extended manhood suffrage, and limited the death penalty to relatively few offenses. Through these statutes, which remained the basis of law in colonial Pennsylvania, Penn attempted to legislate a perfectly moral state.

Can you sing in the bathtub in Pennsylvania?

| It is illegal to sing in the bathtub | For some shower singers, it should probably be against the law. According to Pennsylvania state law, you are unable to sing in the bathtub. However, belting your heart out next to the bathtub afterwards is socially acceptable.