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Is there an aviation merit badge?

Is there an aviation merit badge?

Since 1903, aviation has exploded from a 12 second flight on a sand dune to jetting around the globe, aloft for hours. Breaking free of earth to fly is one of the most exciting things humans can do. This merit badge introduces scouts to the current technology of how flight actually happens.

Can you download merit badge books?

Another resource you and your Scouts now have are digital merit badge pamphlets, available through Amazon Kindle. You can download the electronic reader application on your phone or tablet. Each digital pamphlet costs $4.99, the same price as hard-copy pamphlets.

How many Eagle required merit badges for star?

six merit badges
Earn six merit badges, including any four from the required list for Eagle. You may choose any of the 17 merit badges on the required list for Eagle to fulfill this requirement.

How are runways numbered?

Runway numbers are determined by rounding the compass bearing of one runway end to the nearest 10 degrees and truncating the last digit, meaning runways are numbered from 1 to 36—as per the diagram below. The opposite end of the runway always differs by 180 degrees, so it’s numbered 18 higher or lower.

How do you make a model FPG 9?

How to Build the FPG-9

  1. Cut out the paper FPG-9 pattern.
  2. Place the paper pattern in the center of the foam plate ensuring that the tail of the pattern stays inside of the curved portion of the plate bottom.
  3. Trace around the pattern with an ink pen.
  4. Cut the foam template out by following the pen lines you just drew.

Where do I get merit badge pamphlets?
Refer to the latest Scouts BSA Requirements book for merit badge requirement updates. The current Scouts BSA Requirements book is available from your local Scouting merchandise distributor. It may also be ordered online at

How do you teach the first aid merit badge?

What Are The First Aid Merit Badge Requirements? Demonstrate to your counselor that you have current knowledge of all first-aid requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. Define the term triage. Explain the steps necessary to assess and handle a medical emergency until help arrives.

How long does a runway need to be for a 747?

Based upon the critical aircraft at the time, Boeing 747-200, a runway length of 12,000 feet was determined.

What is a model FPG 9?

(FPG stands for “Foam Plate Glider” and the 9 is from the 9-inch plate used to make it.) Test the precision of flight and landing of their model planes. · SUPPLIES. 9-inch plastic foam plate (one per participant)