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Is there any way to save Sarita?

Is there any way to save Sarita?

If Clementine killed the walker instead, Sarita will not die during the escape. However, she will be taken to Parker’s Run and is mercy killed by Kenny later after she reanimates.

Can you save Alvin?

Alvin can be executed by Carver after Kenny takes the shot and fails to hit Carver in the head or Clementine is not held at gunpoint instead of Alvin. But his life can be spared if Clementine and Kenny surrender to him.

Do my own work or help Sarah?

We can either help Sarah do her work or leave her alone and do our own work. However, no matter what we choose to do, the outcome will be the same. Angry Carver will blame Reggie for that. After leaving the greenhouse, we can see as Carver throws Reggie of the roof.

Does Clementine find Christa?

Clementine found Victor at the end of the episode and demanded that he tell her where Christa is, but he wasn’t able to answer due to being injured and dehydrated, leaving Christa’s fate uncertain. If she did survive, she and Clementine never reunited.

Is AJ Alvin’s son?

Alvin Jr., nicknamed A.J., Alvie, or Goofball, is the deuteragonist of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead. He first appears in Season Two, returns in A New Frontier in flashbacks, and later appears as the deuteragonist and a playable character of The Final Season. He is the son of Rebecca and possibly, Alvin or Carver.

Do I restrain Sarita or help Kenny?

Restrain Sarita – This will keep her safe along with yourself. However, Kenny still gets beaten badly. Help Kenny – If you pick this option you will run to Kenny’s aid. However, he’ll get hit in the process leaving a cut.

Can you save Kenny and Jane?

Jane endings At the end of No Going Back, Clementine is forced to decide to either let Kenny kill Jane or shoot him and save her – doing so will result in Kenny’s death.

What happens if you save Sarah?

Sarah falls and is trapped under the rubble. Jane, if told to save Sarah, will try to convince Clementine that Sarah is beyond saving, telling the girl to help pull her up. She will be devoured by walkers -that were attracted by Rebecca’s scream- regardless of your choice to save her or Jane.

What episode of the Walking Dead Season 2 is in harm’s way?

“In Harm’s Way” is the third episode of Telltale Games ‘ The Walking Dead: Season Two. It is the ninth episode of the series overall. It was written by Pierre Shorette and directed by Graham Ross .

What is the review for in harm’s way episode 3?

Completed “In Harm’s Way”. Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way received positive reviews. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the PlayStation 3 version 82.43% and 80/100, the Xbox 360 version 82.25% and 82/100 and the PC version 82.22% and 82/100.

Are there any bad choices in the Walking Dead Season 2?

The Walking Dead Season 2 offers the option of making choices that will have their consequences later in the game. We will find several such choices in each episode and they are described in detail here, in this game guide. It is not stated whether a given choice is good or bad.

What happened to Wellington in Season 2 of the Walking Dead?

This is the only episode in Season 2 where Wellington isn’t mentioned at all When Walter is deciding to kill the walker attacking Nick or not, the lights behind him are switched on, where as before in the previous episode, the lights were killed out due to the transformer being disabled.