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Is Zed a villain in Constantine?

Is Zed a villain in Constantine?

Mary “Zed” Martin is an artist with the ability of clairsentience. After bumping into John Constantine in Heddwich, Zed has been following and tracking him, in search of answers. She is portrayed by AngĂ©lica Celaya….

Zed Martin
Status Alive
Species Human
Affiliations Herself
Allies & Enemies

Who is Zed father in Constantine?

In the DC comics, Zed Martin’s father is Elder Martin, the leader of the Resurrection Crusade and enemy of John Constantine. He debuted in Hellblazer #4 (April, 1988).

What is John Constantine’s superhero name?

The titular Hellblazer, Constantine is a working-class warlock, occult detective, and con man from Liverpool who is stationed in London.

When did Constantine meet Zatanna?

John Constantine Zatanna and Constantine met while she was dating Nick Necro. The two fell in love and when Zatanna left Nick When Zatanna was kidnapped by Nick and Felix Faust, Constantine went on a crusade to find her, all while the Earth was falling into ruin.

Is Astra the daughter of Constantine?

Astra Logue (born c. 2005) is the daughter of Alex Logue and the late Natalie Logue, and the girlfriend of Behrad Tarazi. She was accidentally damned to Hell after a botched attempt at exorcism by John Constantine.

Is Manny in Constantine Amenadiel?

Manny is an angelic ally of John Constantine. After being ordered by heaven to watch over John, Manny has been working with John to stop the oncoming rising darkness. He is portrayed by Harold Perrineau….

Portrayer Harold Perrineau

Who is Chaz in Constantine?

Chas Kramer was John Constantine’s driver and student. He is portrayed by Shia LaBeouf….

Chas Kramer
Appears in Constantine
Portrayer Shia LaBeouf