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Should I buy an Epiphone ES-335?

Should I buy an Epiphone ES-335?

I highly recommend an ES-335 or one of its descendants for guitarists seeking a first instrument as well as anyone looking to expand their collection. In the past, this used to be a somewhat expensive proposition, but, thanks to Epiphone, the price of a genuine ES semi-hollow electric is more affordable than ever.

What is the difference between an Epiphone ES-335 and a Epiphone Dot?

The Gibson ES-335 is a high-end vintage guitar, while the Epiphone Dot is an affordable version. The Epiphone Dot includes a maple body and a mahogany center block, while the Gibson ES-335 has a maple center block. The Gibson ES-335 includes higher spec materials compared to the Dot impacting overall quality.

What does Dot mean in Epiphone guitars?

It has a glued-in neck of mahogany (before 2008, maple) and a rosewood fingerboard. The name “Dot” is in reference to its fretboard markers, which are simple dots, unlike other Epiphone archtop guitars such as the Casino or the Sheraton, which have more elaborate block inlays.

What are 335 guitars good for?

From BB King to Cream-era Clapton, the smoother, more open voice of the 335 is the perfect choice. Its physical size denotes status and increases stage presence, something that was a major factor with authentic 20th Century electric Blues artists. One of the design goals with the 335 was to give players more sustain.

Does Epiphone still make the dot?

So while the Epiphone Dot is incredibly affordable, it’s still built with Epiphone’s 50+ years of experience in creating semi-hollowbody guitars with incredible tone and amazing value. Epiphone Dot Semi-hollowbody Electric Guitar Features: Affordable re-creation of the classic ES-335 Dot guitar from the late ’50s.

Has the Epiphone DOT been discontinued?

Has the Epiphone DOT been discontinued? Sorry, the Epiphone Dot Archtop Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar – Vintage Sunburst is no longer available.

Who plays the Epiphone 335?

This 335 family of guitars would find favour with many players through the years, including BB King, Eric Clapton, Grant Green, Jorma Kaukonen, Alvin Lee, Lee Ritenour, Andy Summers, Noel Gallagher and JD Simo. The voices here come from interviews I’ve conducted for my various books about Gibson.

Who plays an ES-335?

Notable users of the ES-335 or one of its variations include Chuck Berry; Ritchie Blackmore (first four Deep Purple albums), Justin Hayward; Bob Weir; Alvin Lee; Larry Carlton; June Millington, Elliott Smith; Noel Gallagher; Peter Frampton, Carl Wilson; Dave Grohl; Freddie King; Eric Clapton; B.B. King; Chuck Brown; …

Why buy an Epiphone ES-335 dot?

Epiphone ES-335 Dot. Epiphone’s ‘plenty of guitar for sensible money’ philosophy means you can get your hands on a well-constructed, professional instrument without selling your vital organs for medical research.

Is the Epiphone Dot worth the cost?

Let’s find out. The Epiphone Dot is a replica of the Gibson ES-335, but it’s about $1,500 cheaper! Of course there are differences between the Gibson and Epiphone, but we’ll come onto those later. For the uninitiated the Dot is a semi-hollow body archtop guitar.

What is the Epiphone Dot made of?

If you fancy something different, Epiphone also offers heritage cherry sunburst, cherry, ebony and natural as options. The Dot’s fixed neck is finished in vintage sunburst, too, perhaps disguising the fact that it’s made of maple.

Why are dot-neck 335s worth so much more than Other EPIs?

If you’re still wondering why it’s called the Dot, look at the rosewood fingerboard. In between the 22, well finished, medium frets lies the primary reason why vintage Dot-neck 335s are worth so much more than their block-inlayed brethren. Until now, modern Epis such as the Casino, Sheraton and Supernova only came with block inlays.