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What Alcohol goes well with olives?

What Alcohol goes well with olives?

One of the most popular cocktails to serve with an olive is the dirty Martini. Olives will take away the dryness of this favourite drink and add a slight tang instead. You will need 70ml of vodka or gin, depending on your favourite! A dash of extra dry vermouth or Martini.

What is the drink transfusion made of?

The Transfusion is a highball cocktail starring vodka, Concord grape juice, lime, and ginger ale. It’s popular at golf clubs and country clubs: but no one seems to know the origin or story behind this drink!

Why is a transfusion a golf drink?

For the uninitiated, the transfusion is a true golfer’s golf cocktail. It’s delicious, refreshing, potent enough to numb the pain of a double bogey, and does one hell of a job of soothing hangovers.

Why do martinis have olives?

As the story goes, New York bartender John O’Connor was playing around with ingredients for a dry Martini one night in 1901. Searching through items around the bar, he added an olive and brine to the drink, creating what we now know as a Dirty Martini.

How do you make a transfusion drink?

Tito’s Transfusion

  1. 1/4 oz lime juice.
  2. 1 oz grape juice.
  3. 2 oz ginger ale.
  4. 2 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka Buy It.

What should a bev cart girl know?

Memorize names, carts/golf bags, drinks, and snack preferences of the golfers. Golfers who have seen you before will simply hold up their fingers to signal how many beers they want from you. It saves time by already knowing which beers these golfers want and where they go. Look at the tee sheet before every shift.

Does grape juice and vodka taste good?

As you can see, a combination of vodka and grape juice is versatile and can be used for multiple drinks. You can experiment with ingredients; add less or more vodka to get your perfect taste. My favorite drink is the one with cotton candy, as it is so fun to make, delicious, and great as a whole family treat.