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What are 10 ways to be an Upstander?

What are 10 ways to be an Upstander?

10 Ways To Be An Upstander

  1. Learn more about mean, cruel, and bullying behavior.
  2. Help others who are being bullied.
  3. Stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading online or in person.
  4. Get friends involved.
  5. Make friends outside of your circle.

What to say to be an Upstander?

Upstander One-Liners

  1. Do not call names.
  2. Describe the behavior you are seeing.
  3. Label the behavior you are seeing.
  4. Tell the person who is bullying how it makes you feel.
  5. Tell the person who is bullying how it makes the victim feel.
  6. Tell an adult if you feel threatened!

Why should we be an Upstander?

Choosing to become an upstander can help to stop the bullying, can help to support the person being bullied and can also limit the traumatic effect that witnessing bullying can have. Youth who are bullied often feel alone and ashamed especially when there are others around who witness the event.

How do I get students to take the kids against bullying pledge?

Encourage students to take the “Kids Against Bullying” pledge. Options include pledging online, signing a bookmark with the pledge, or adding their name to a sign up sheet. Students and others can take the pledge online and then view the interactive results.

How do we want to take a stand against bullying?

We want to take a stand against bullying: it is not going to be allowed in our school. With that as our goal, the first thing we did was to define bullying: Bullying is deliberately hurting other people with words and actions.

What is your anti-bullying pledge?

We also introduced our Anti-Bullying Pledge to the PreK-4 students at our school: I make a COMMITMENT to take a stand against bullying. I will treat others with RESPECT and KINDNESS. I will have the COMPASSION to not be a bully and the COURAGE to not be a bystander. It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help others being bullied and to report bullying.

How do you encourage students to pledge to join the military?

Provide incentives such as the pledge decal, coupons to the school cafeteria, or candy to all who pledge. Give each person who signs their own pledge certificate.