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What are INCONEL bolts?

What are INCONEL bolts?

Inconel bolts, like Inconel 600, 601,625,686,718 & 725 bolts, are a family of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys used for their high strength at elevated temperatures and good corrosion resistance.

What is INCONEL 718 used for?

INCONEL alloy 718 is ideal for use in these circumstances. For example, it has been used in jet engine and high-speed airframe parts, including wheels, fasteners, instrumentation parts, bolts, spacers and buckets.

Is INCONEL 718 brittle?

This study in collaboration with references [2] and [3] reveal that Inconel 718 does not have a signi icant brittle to ductile transition at 77 K as seen in Maraging C250. The discrepancy between the two materials is largely due to differences in composition and microstructure.

Is Inconel 718 stainless steel?

Inconel 718 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy designed to resist a wide range of severely corrosive environments, pitting and crevice corrosion. This nickel steel alloy also displays exceptionally high yield, tensile, and creep-rupture properties at high temperatures.

Can Inconel 718 be hardened?

Alloy 718 is hardened by the precipitation of secondary phases (e.g. gamma prime and gamma double-prime) into the metal matrix. The precipitation of these nickel- (aluminum, titanium, niobium) phases is induced by heat treating in the temperature range of 1100 to 1500°F.

What are Inconel 718 bolts?

Inconel 718 bolts are commonly used in aerospace, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and oil, gas purification, etc. These bolts are constantly being used for high heat and cold workings.

What is the difference between 625 and 718 bolts?

An age hardened nickel-chromium-based superalloy, Inconel 718 bolts are ideal for extreme environments that require oxidation and corrosion resistant bolts, even when subjected to pressure and heat. Twice as strong as Inconel 625 bolts, 718 bolts are renowned for its high yield strength and usability to 1800°F.

What is the creep-rupture strength of Inconel 625?

The alloy is a about 2x as strong as Inconel 625 having excellent creep-rupture strength at temperatures to 1300°F (700°C) and can withstand temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C). The strength could be further improved by cold working per AMS 5962 give a min tensile strength of 220ksi.