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What are some fun facts about libraries?

What are some fun facts about libraries?

Librarians used to have to learn a specific style of handwriting called “Library hand”. The oldest library in the world dates from the seventh century BC. Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie donated $55 million ($1.6 billion in today’s dollars) between 1886 and 1919 to open 2509 libraries around the world.

Who invented American libraries?

The Library Company of Philadelphia, founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin and a group of his friends, became the first American subscription library. The Library Company, while founded as a membership library, did allow members to borrow books, and so may have been the first truly public library.

Why libraries are important facts?

Interesting Facts About Libraries A growing body of evidence suggests that students’ academic success is linked to library usage, including improved student retention and an enhanced academic experience. Libraries play a critical role in the happiness of Americans.

What is America’s largest library?

Library of Congress
ALA Library Fact Sheet 22

Number Source Library Name
1 L Library of Congress
2 P+A Boston Public Library (Branches + Research Collections)
3 A Harvard University
4 P+A New York Public Library (Branches + Research Collections)

How many libraries are in the US?

There are an estimated 116,867 libraries of all kinds in the United States today.

How many libraries are in America?

What was the first library in America?

The first public library in the U.S. is contested, but there are three generally accepted answers. The first is the Library Company of Philadelphia which was founded in November 1731 by Benjamin Franklin. It was a subscription library and supported by members.

When was the first library opened?

7th century B.C.
The world’s oldest known library was founded sometime in the 7th century B.C. for the “royal contemplation” of the Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal. Located in Nineveh in modern day Iraq, the site included a trove of some 30,000 cuneiform tablets organized according to subject matter.

Where is the oldest library in the Americas?

The Biblioteca Palafoxiana in Puebla, Mexico, is the oldest public library in the Americas, as well as one of the most beautiful.

How many schools in America have libraries?

Number of libraries in the United States

Public Libraries (administrative units) 9,057
Four-year and above
School Libraries 99,076
Public Schools
Private Schools

How many people use libraries in the US?

More than 171 million registered users, representing over half of the nearly 311 million Americans who lived within a public library service area, visited public libraries over 1.35 billion times in 2016.

Did you know these 25 facts about public libraries?

To celebrate National Library Week, we’ve rounded up 25 fascinating facts about these irreplaceable institutions. 1. Benjamin Franklin started up a lending library in 1731. One of the oldest public libraries in the country opened in 1790 in Franklin, Massachusetts, where residents circulated books donated by Benjamin Franklin.

How many librarians are there in the United States?

As of 2019, there were approximately 184,500 librarians; 36,250 library technicians; and 87,000 library assistants working in the United States. 25. The New York Public Library releases an annual list of its most borrowed books.

What is the oldest library in the United States?

One of the oldest public libraries in the country opened in 1790 in Franklin, Massachusetts, where residents circulated books donated by Benjamin Franklin. The Founding Father once started his own lending library in 1731 in Philadelphia called the Library Company, but it required a subscription fee of 40 shillings.

Where is the largest single story library in the US?

The McAllen Public Library in McAllen, Texas, is housed in a converted Walmart location and might be the largest single-story library location in the country. The 123,000-square foot space has a computer lab, a cafe, and an 180-seat auditorium.