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What are the IMAS?

What are the IMAS?

International Mine Action Standards. The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) are the standards in force for all mine action operations.

What is IMAS training?

The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) Training is a five-day, intensive regional course that reviews the IMAS content and focuses on the application of and inter-relationship between the standards. The course will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

What’s the meaning of demining?

to remove mines
Definition of demine : to remove mines and especially unexploded land mines from (an area) An estimated 100 million unexploded land mines stud the globe, and experts say it would take 10,000 years to demine Cambodia alone, using present methods.—

When was the mine Awareness Working Group established?

The ICBL Mine Action Working Group was formed in February 1998 to serve as the focal point for addressing issues related to mine action, with a particular focus on the work in the field.

What Unmas means?

the United Nations Mine Action Service
Established in 1997, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) leads, coordinates, and implements projects and programmes to mitigate the threats posed by explosive ordnance to the benefit of millions of people worldwide.

How are minefields cleared?

Mine plows use a specially designed shovel to unearth mines and shove them to the side, clearing a path. They are quick and effective for clearing a lane for vehicles and are still attached to some types of tank and remotely operated vehicles.

What are mining activities?

Mining Activities means those activities of the Asset Sale Companies that have taken place on or through the use of the Purchased Assets that involve surface, underground and auger mining, processing or transporting of coal and the handling of coal by-products.

What is the theme of International Mine Awareness Day?

Safe Ground, Safe Steps, Safe Home.