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What are the tripartite bodies?

What are the tripartite bodies?

Tripartite bodies

  • Indian Labour Conference.
  • Standing Labour Committee.
  • Committee on Conventions.
  • Industrial Committees.

What is tripartite approach?

The traditional approach to employment relations focuses on the relationship between three key role players or actors: the employer, the employee and the state. This is known as the tripartite perspective.

What are the bipartite and tripartite bodies in industrial relations?

Tripartite and Bipartite Bodies: Tripartite bodies involve employee, employer and Government. Bipartite committee comprises of employer and employee.

What is ILC and SLC?

Indian Labour Conference (ILC) and Standing Labour Committee(SLC) have been constituted to suggest ways and means to prevent disputes. The representatives of the workers and employers are nominated to these bodies by the Central Government in consultation with the All-India organizations of workers and employers.

What is tripartite in industrial relations?

Tripartism originate from the tripartite which means made between or involving three parties. 1. Tripartism can be understood as policy of decision making related to industrial relations to where all the three key players i.e. employers ,workers and governments plays an equal and fair role.

What is an example of a tripartite?

The definition of tripartite is something that has three parts, versions, or parties. An example of something tripartite is the Holy Trinity of father, son and holy ghost. An example of something tripartite is a form with three copies – a white, yellow and pink copy.

What is tripartite relationship in industrial relations?

Tripartite cooperation plays an important role in promoting harmonious labour relations. Through tripartite cooperation, representatives of employers, employees and the Government can work in collaboration and through consultation and discussion, resolve employment-related issues of common concern.

What is the purpose of tripartite body?

A key function of the Tripartite Body is that of working with all stakeholders to promote tripartism including the certification of Trade Unions, enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements and coordinating the recognition and enforcement of ratified ILO (International Labour Organization) Conventions.

What is tripartite bipartite committee?

Bipartite committee comprises of employer and employee. Tripartite committee includes committees on Conventions, steering committee on wages, central implementation and evaluation machinery, Central Board of Worker’s Education and National Productivity Council. Workers committee is an example for Bipartite committee.

What is tripartite nature of industrial relations?

Tripartite consultation is generally understood to refer to a process whereby workers, employers and governments contribute to the development of labour standards and the protection of workers rights through voluntary interaction and dialogue.

Why is tripartite important?

Tripartism refers to the collaboration among unions, employers and the government. It is a key competitive advantage for Singapore. Tripartism has helped boost Singapore’s economic competitiveness, promoted harmonious labour-management relations and contributed to Singapore’s overall progress.

How do you use tripartite?

1. The minister is to hold tripartite meetings with the oil and car industries to discuss ways of reducing pollution. 2. A tripartite agreement brought together government, industry and trade unions in an effort to reduce unemployment.