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What causes exam malpractice?

What causes exam malpractice?

While strategies have been put in place to check malpractice, it appears that on a daily basis malpractice assumes an alarming trend and dimension and this is due to fear of failure, laziness, lack of confidence, and inadequate preparation. Students have perfected the various forms of examination malpractice.

What is the effect of exam malpractice?

The study revealed that examination malpractices brings total loss of trust in the educational system, reduced enrolment of students in school, frequent cancellation of results, discourages good students/candidates from studying hard, derives innocent students’ opportunity for admission, decrease job efficiency, bring …

What is exam misconduct?

The use or possession of unauthorised books, notes, software, electronic devices or other materials in an examination (unless specifically permitted). Obtaining an examination paper ahead of its authorised release.

What is examination malpractice in secondary school?

Waziri, (2009) defined examination malpractice as a deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to official examination rules, and is designed to place a candidate as an unfair advantage or disadvantage.

What are types of examination malpractice?

Examination malpractice will include any of the following, impersonation, leakage, swapping of scripts, smuggling of answer scripts into examination halls, dubbing (direct copying of answers to questions and taking into examination rooms).

What is examination malpractice PDF?

Joshua (2008) opined that examination malpractice is any unauthorized or unapproved action, inaction, activity, behaviour or practice that is associated with the preparation, conduct and processing of examination and other forms of assessment and carried out by any person involved in preparing for, giving, taking and …

What is examination malpractice in one sentence?

Examination malpractice is defined as any deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the rules of examinations designed to give a candidate an undue advantage. Examination malpractice also known as cheating is the illegal action that students take during their examinations to try to make good grades by cutting corners.

What is examination malpractice and is solution?

Examination Malpractice is defined as a deliberate illegal act contrary to the rules and regulations of the official examination. In another way, it can be defined as illegal or improper conduct by a candidate of an examination with the aim to pass an exam. This illegal act is alarming in our educational sector today.

Is exam malpractice a crime?

It also extends to children and adults, as well as teachers and any other person that aids in cheating at an examination. The above offence is punishable with imprisonment for not more than 10 years. References; Sections 1(16) and 5 of the Miscellaneous Offences Act, 1983.