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What channel is kpbs on directv?

What channel is kpbs on directv?

Before we state the channel where you can find CBS, let’s first talk about how you can get CBS channel on DirecTV….What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

City/state PBS Channel Number
Los Angeles 24/50/58
Denver 6/12
Hartford – New Haven 24(HD)
Wilmington 12/23/39

What channel is kpbs create?


San Diego, California/ Tijuana, Baja California United States/Mexico
Channels Digital: 19 (UHF) Virtual: 15
Branding KPBS
Affiliations 15.1: PBS 15.2: World 15.3: Create 15.4: PBS Kids

What channel is formula 1?

What channel is the F1 race on today? The ESPN family of networks will broadcast all 2022 F1 races in the United States using Sky Sports’ feed, with select races airing on ABC later in the season. You can also stream Formula 1 races live in the U.S. with fuboTV, which offers a free trial.

What channel is KERA on directv?

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

State City PBS Channel Number
California Los Angeles 24/50/58
Colorado Denver 6/12
Connecticut Hartford – New Haven 24(HD)
Delaware Wilmington 12/23/39

Is PBS Masterpiece on directv?

Public broadcasting just took another step into the streaming world. DirecTV Stream now offers nearly 250 PBS stations live, allowing subscribers to watch local news and events programming as well as national shows like PBS Newshour, Masterpiece, Frontline and Antiques Roadshow.

Where can I watch KPBS?


  • KPBS TV. Channel 15.1, Cox 1011, Spectrum 1221.
  • KPBS 2. Channel 15.2, Cox 811, Spectrum 1277.
  • KPBS Create. Channel 15.3, Cox 816, Spectrum 1275.
  • KPBS Kids. Channel 15.4, Cox 809, Spectrum 1276.
  • PBS Video. On-Demand.
  • Passport Streaming. On-Demand for Members Only.