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What did Euthymides brag about?

What did Euthymides brag about?

Euthymides had a clear sense of achievement and was indeed proud of his work, boastfully challenging his friend and rival—Euphronios. He would see Euphronios often, as well as other painters in the Kerameikos—the potter’s quarter in Athens.

What is the meaning of vase painting?

noun The decoration of vases with pigments of any kind, especially the decoration of the pottery of the ancient Greeks, which, unless exceptionally, was executed in monochrome tints and outlines in unvitrfiable pigments.

What type of vessel is the three revelers?

The Three Revelers Vase, also known as simply the Revelers Vase, is a Greek vase originating from the Archaic Period.

What is the red-figure technique in art?

This technique of vase painting is essentially the reverse of black-figure vase painting. In the red-figure technique, the background of a vessel’s surface is coated with a black slip. The decorative figures are left to stand out in reserve, that is, in the red-orange color of the base clay.

What story is depicted on the archaic amphora by Exekias?

On Exekias’ amphora in the Vatican, the vase represents Achilles and Ajax playing a board game on one side. On the other side is a young man, Castor, with his horse, Kyllaros; other figures are his mother, Leda, his father, Tyndareus, and his twin brother, Pollux (Polydeuces).

Why are Greek vases so important?

For the ancient Greeks, vases were mostly functional objects made to be used, not just admired. They used ceramic vessels in every aspect of their daily lives: for storage, carrying, mixing, serving, and drinking, and as cosmetic and perfume containers.

Why did Ajax fall on his sword?

According to Lesches, Odysseus won the armour with the help of the goddess Athena, that is to say: dishonestly. This drove Ajax mad with rage. In his bloodlust, he killed the cattle of the Greeks. Regaining his senses, Ajax was so ashamed that he killed himself.

How did Ancient Greek warriors fight?

Ancient Greek warriors were well-organized and heavily armored. They fought in a rectangular group called a phalanx, covering themselves with shields for protection. The Greeks believed that warriors who died in battle gained great glory.

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