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What do I do with Tolfdir?

What do I do with Tolfdir?

Whatever your response, Tolfdir will ask you to perform a Ward spell. If you do not have this spell, he will give it to you freely. You will be asked to cast the spell and fend off his attack with it.

What spell does Tolfdir want me to cast?

It is acceptable to use Spellbreaker when asked to cast a ward by Tolfdir.

What is the best ward in Skyrim?

Ward spells are incredibly niche in Skyrim, serving as a magic shield that casters can use while fighting other mages. Steadfast Ward serves as one of the best ward spells, granting a nice balance of defenses and Magicka cost. While projecting a ward, enemy spells and associated effects will impact your ward first.

Can you save Tolfdir?

You may also enter to find a member of the Psijic Order already present in the hall, skipping over the cutscene between Ancano and Tolfdir, preventing Tolfdir from finishing his cutscene. This makes the quest impossible to finish. You must reload a previous save before entering the college to continue.

Is Tolfdir a Nord?

Tolfdir is an Nord who teaches Alteration at the College of Winterhold. In The Elder Scrolls: Legends, he gives a player the College of Winterhold quests.

What do you need for Tolfdir?

Report to Mirabelle Ervine in the courtyard and let her know you are ready to tour the College. After touring, enter the Hall of Elements and listen to Tolfdir address the new recruits. Tolfdir succumbs to the others’ eagerness and decides to teach something practical. Follow his instructions.

What should I tell Faralda?

Faralda will then say, “It would seem that the College has what you seek….First Lessons[edit]

Option Dialogue
I want to use the power of ice and fire to destroy any who oppose me. “I see. That power certainly exists, I assure you. Wield it faithfully, and few can withstand you.”

Are wards useful Skyrim?

Wards are good for non-mage characters to help them out against magic-wielding opponents. It is not uncommon for a fighter-character specializing in melee weapons to also at least go a bit into the Restoration tree.

Can wards stop arrows Skyrim?

Greater Ward acts as a magic shield for blocking spells and reducing physical damage by increasing the caster’s defense. In order to cast the spell, it must to be charged up to full strength. The shield does not block physical attacks such as arrows or melee weapons, only spells and other magical attacks are absorbed.

Where does Tolfdir stay?

Tolfdir is an elderly mage who lives in the College of Winterhold.

What race is Tolfdir?

Race Elder
Gender Male
Level 10 – 50
Health 250+(PC-1)×8.3

How old is Tolfdir?

Tolfdir could be anywhere from his fifties to 100. People typically age faster in a pre industrial setting.