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What do we do in computer graphics Mcq?

What do we do in computer graphics Mcq?

Curves in computer graphics is primarily used for which of the following function? Explanation: We frequently need to draw several types of things onto the screen in computer graphics. Objects are not always flat, and we must draw curves many times in order to draw an object. 11.

What are the types of computer graphics Mcq?

7. Types Of Computer Graphics Are

  • Scalar And Raster.
  • Vector And Raster.
  • Vector And Scalar.
  • None Of These.

What is GUI in computer graphics Mcq?

Answer: (c) Graphical user interface. Explanation: GUI is an acronym of Graphical User Interface. It refers to an interface that allows one to interact with electronic devices like computers and tablets through graphic elements.

What is the equation for a circle in computer graphics Mcq?

Explanation: With reference to circle equation fcircle (x, y) = 0. If the point is in the interior of the circle, the circle function is negative while if the point is outside the circle the, circle function is positive.

What is a pixel mask?

A pixel mask is a 2D image whose pixel values are used to filter a dataset (both images and tables). Masks can be used as an alternative to classic regions shapes (circle, box, polygon, etc) or can be used in conjunction with them to create complex filters.

What are the two types of computer graphics?

The two types of computer graphics Computer graphics can be separated into two different categories: raster graphics and vector graphics. While both in essence set out to achieve the same goal (a high-quality digital image), they use different techniques and therefore have different strengths and weaknesses.

Who invented Cui?

CUI, invented by Xerox in the seventies, predates GUI, which was introduced by Apple in 1984.

What is pixel mask?

What is frame buffer in computer graphics?

A framebuffer (frame buffer, or sometimes framestore) is a portion of random-access memory (RAM) containing a bitmap that drives a video display. It is a memory buffer containing data representing all the pixels in a complete video frame. Modern video cards contain framebuffer circuitry in their cores.

What graphics are used for?

Graphics are used for everything from enhancing the appearance of Web pages to serving as the presentation and user interaction layer for full-fledged Web Applications. Different use cases for graphics demand different solutions, thus there are several different technologies available.