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What do you drink Opihr gin with?

What do you drink Opihr gin with?

OPIHR Oriental Spiced Gin makes a deliciously refreshing gin and tonic with a subtle spicy twist and is best served over ice with an orange peel twist garnish. For the more adventurous, mix OPIHR with ginger ale and serve with a slice of orange or some chilli for a little extra spice.

Is Opihr gin nice?

While there is certainly a spiced explosion to taste, there is also a discernible sweetness from the orange in Opihr Gin. Cubeb dominates the finish with its deliciously exotic and characterful notes of cracked pepper and light violet. Bottled at 40% ABV, the gin is an interesting, intoxicating adventure.

Is Opihr Gin spicy?

OPIHR Spices of the Orient Gin is crafted with a selection of exotic hand-picked botanicals, carefully chosen by OPIHR’s Master Distiller, including spicy Cubeb berries from Indonesia, Black Pepper from India and Coriander from Morocco.

What tonic water goes with Opihr gin?

Fabulous in a G using Fever-tree tonic water and garnished with a slice of ginger or orange.

How is Opihr pronounce?

Opihr Gin Review & Tasting Notes Opihr Gin (pronounced ‘o-peer’) is an oriental spiced London Dry Gin that was launched in 2013 by Quintessential Brands. The name ‘Ophir’ relates to King Solomon’s legendary and wealthy port that is referred to in the Bible.

What Flavours are in Opihr gin?

A unique London Dry Gin made using hand-picked botanicals, including spicy cubeb berries from Indonesia, cardamom and Tellicherry black pepper from India and coriander from Morocco.

How do you say Opihr gin?

What does Opihr taste like?

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt Nose: Coriander and citrus, gentle juniper and peppery notes. Palate: More discernible spiciness and juniper with plenty of coriander. Finish: Refreshing with citrus and spice. Overall: A handsome gin that’s playfully spiced.

What can you mix with spiced gin?

Many fresh citrus juices, syrups and liqueurs pair well with spiced gins. Try blood orange, sweet or bitter oranges, pink grapefruit or mandarin. Even lemon and lime work with most. It goes without saying that Red Snapper is an ideal recipe for gins with a spicy and warming flavour profile.

Who made Opihr gin?

G&J Distillers
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is made by G&J Distillers in one of the oldest distilleries in England, using 250 years of tradition and expertise.

What does the word Ophir mean?

biblical land of uncertain location
Definition of Ophir : a biblical land of uncertain location but reputedly rich in gold.

Where is Opihr gin from?

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is made by G&J Distillers in one of the oldest distilleries in England, using 250 years of tradition and expertise.

Is Ophir a good gin to drink?

A decent tonic and “additions” can boost a very ordinary gin and produce a very acceptable drink. In lots of cases, I believe that “The Kings New Clothes” affects people’s response to expensive trendy find. HOWEVER, I genuinely believe that Ophir is one gin that tastes genuinely different and distinctive.

How is opihr gin made?

The botanicals in OPIHR Gin make the journey to their final destination, the oldest distillery in England, where quality gin has been traditionally distilled, using the same London Dry Gin method, since 1761. Here the botanicals are married with fine English spirit to produce an exotic oriental spiced gin.

What is the opihr gin ancient spice route?

Click here for more information. Opihr Gin is taking you on the journey along the Ancient Spice Route with hand-picked exotic botanicals such as cubeb berries from Malaysia, coriander from Morocco and cardamom from India. Opihr is a legendary region famed for its wealth and riches which prospered during the reign of King Solomon.

What is the opihr drinks Atlas?

OPIHR spiced gin is inspired by a love of travel and discovery, so in celebration of this we introduce The OPIHR Drinks Atlas; a curation of OPIHR cocktails, each designed to celebrate one of our ten botanicals and the location from which we source them along the Ancient Spice Route.